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  2. Any ideas?

  3. Show us your plastic dinosaur

    Whelp, I finished the 28-inch-long $17 cheapo dinosaur model I bought a few months ago. I think it looks rather respectable after a few modifications...
  4. Any ideas?

    Can you give us a pic of the other side and one straight on of the broken end?
  5. Show us your plastic dinosaur

    Oh it is a sad day indeed when you discover items from the '90s to be considered antiques!
  6. Help me identify this ground sloth...

    I posted this before exploring the site, is there any way I can remove this topic from the board? This isn't the place for it...
  7. Any ideas?

    Hello. Any ideas as to what this could be? Thanks!!
  8. New dicynodonts from Laos

    A new dicynodont-related paper is available online: Chloe Olivier, Bernard Battail, Sylvie Bourquin, Camille Rossignol, J.-Sebastien Steyer & Nour-Eddine Jalil (2019) New dicynodonts (Therapsida, Anomodontia) from near the Permo-Triassic boundary of Laos: implications for dicynodont survivorship across the Permo-Triassic mass extinction and the paleobiogeography of Southeast Asian blocks, Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology, DOI: 10.1080/02724634.2019.1584745 Dicynodon incisivum was the first dicynodont and first pre-Mesozoic tetrapod found in Laos, but has been dismissed as a nomen dubium. The description of Counillonia and Repelinosaurus makes clear that kannemeyeriforms and Dicynodon-like forms co-existed during the interval across Permian-Triassic boundary. By the way, is there a copy of the following paper available that I could skim through?
  9. Show us your plastic dinosaur

    While at an antique store today, I found these two kids’ meal dinosaur toddler toys from 1990. (Bronto Cheeseburger & Small Fry-Ceratops)
  10. Today
  11. Were these found in a completely non-marine exposure or did they come from a marine exposure? This is something I never have considered when searching matrix.
  12. ID Help

    Close ups
  13. Don I'm awaiting that exact answer from Dr. Wing. I'm trying to confirm with him some things that I read on the internet. When he lets me know, I'll post it. Marco Sr.
  14. ID Help

    With winter finally over we took a drive over to Lake Michigan to look along the beach. We found a many of the typical corals. I spotted this interesting looking fossil in the surf and quickly retrieved it. As I looked at it more closely and saw the details I became more unsure of what it is. I'll add some closeups in the next post. Thanks.
  15. Ait Benhaddou - Sub-Sahara - Morocco

    Thank you very much for looking.
  16. Very interesting Marco. What kind of oil should they have been stored in?
  17. rapp beach hunting

    Some very nice little teeth.
  18. Scalarituba

    That is a very nice looking piece!. It does not really look like the pictures of Scalarituba in the book I have, but the written description seems to fit your item much better and it is known from the Devonian of Ohio, so that seems like a reasonable guess. Maybe that is why I have always struggled with ichnofossil identification, a lot of variability and I'm just not familiar enough with it.
  19. Last Minute Fossil Hunt! Found Delphinodon!

    Love the Delphinodon tooth and the dolphin jaw as well as the three-toed horse tooth. Good to see the return of Duckman too.
  20. Yesterday
  21. oh, ok. i was thinking colors would narrow down the subject matter. thank you for clearing this up.
  22. Let's see your latest mailbox score!

    Nice gift box indeed. I like the Mammites... got to get one of those myself some day. Don't let it get washed too many times, it looks like material will be stripped off it each time. The coral is intriguing too, and the trilobite isn't a frankenfossil? If I knew it was kosher to include rocks in trades I could do it more often! Got plenty of Vancouver Island rhodonite...
  23. Pennsylvanian Clam?

    Yes, very definitely a bivalve. Looking at forms from the same age in eastern Ohio, this could be either a Phestia or Wilkingia. Hard to tell without being able to see the hinge teeth. But those two have this shape and the concentric ridges. Its somewhere to start.
  24. Trilobite Hunt in NSW

    Wow, Dan, what a great trip you had. Lots of wonderful finds, I particularly love the Sinespinaspis. And the bryozoan is gorgeous. It's great that you donated some to science as well.
  25. Quick walk down the beach in Wilmington

    Nice finds!
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