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  2. Back To The Hunt Now That Summer Is Gone!

    Congratulations on getting back out and adding some gorgeous specimens to your collection. I have been getting more interested in the carboniferous plants lately myself and love the details visible on these. I also like the fact that the contrast and coloring is so different on these compared to the sites local to me.
  3. Holmesina Osteoderm

    @Harry Pristis
  4. I have never seen any Carnotaurus tooth in any collection. It was once on my wish list to get, but now all I wish to see is a genuine one in someone's collection!
  5. Finds from recent trip to Ontario and NY

    Very nice finds. Here’s to a quick recovery.
  6. @Al Dente I'll get back to you on that. I am just now digging into ID'ing finds that have been accumulating for quite a while.
  7. Thanks, Marco! I'll add to the list and pick it up pronto! References for Oligocene sharks and rays of the Mid-Atlantic Coastal Plain: 1. Müller, A. (1999). Ichthyofaunen aus dem atlantischen Tertiär der USA. Institut für Geophysik und Geologie. 2. Cicimurri, D. J., & Knight, J. L. (2009). Late Oligocene sharks and rays from the Chandler Bridge Formation, Dorchester County, South Carolina, USA. Acta Palaeontologica Polonica, 54(4), 627-648. 3. Chandler Bridge faunal page of www.elasmo.com 4. Fossil Fish - Volume III of IV (2015) Richard Chandler & Pat Young
  8. Happy National Fossil Day

    Thanks, and to be fair I only did 50% of the preparation (I was afraid to prep the eye lenses and burn them off). But I'm still very happy with it!
  9. As far as I understood, Carnotaurus is only known from a single fossil, that was found in 1984. Don't know of any other / new fossils from Carnotaurus. Are there legitimate isolated teeth from Carnotaurus out there? Not talking about legal issues with Argentinian fossils and if they are available at the market. I was just wondering if there were ever isolated Carnotaurus teeth found.
  10. Happy National Fossil Day

    Beautiful and fantastic prep done.
  11. I think wish lists need to be tempered with reality. While its possible to obtain a Stegosaurus, Acro or Brachio tooth its highly unlikely to be able obtain a Dilophosaurus tooth and almost impossible to obtain a Carnotaurus tooth. Why one needs to be happy with what the market gives you.
  12. Happy National Fossil Day

    It's also World Food Day, but please do not eat your fossils. Despite fossils being very high in minerals, perhaps only a bad dentist looking for new business would recommend you bite into them.
  13. Happy National Fossil Day

    Well due to the occasion of a day I geuss I know what I'm about to go do with my afternoon, Happy National Fossil Day! I'll share a gorgeous recently finished Phacopid trilobite.
  14. Shark tooth for ID

    Thanks Andy B
  15. Iguanodon Cervical Vertebrae

    Very cool find
  16. Help identifying shark tooth

    Yes, looks like Otodus obliquus.
  17. Today
  18. Iguanodon Cervical Vertebrae

    Nice find!
  19. Iguanodon Cervical Vertebrae

  20. Iguanodon Cervical Vertebrae

  21. Iguanodon Cervical Vertebrae

    Here’s a nice iguanodon cervical vertebrae. It’s from the Isle of Wight and is about 4.5 inches long.
  22. Indiana Ordovician Bivalve ID

    Carlton Brett replied: This is a pterioid bivalve but of course not Caritodens. I do not know the genus; not in the Atlas of Ordovician Life nor Steve Holland’s website, nor the Cincinnatian fossils book. In what part of the Rte 1 outcrop did you find this? Perhaps it is a part of the Whitewater fauna?
  23. Happy National Fossil Day

    This the official poster.
  24. Indiana Ordovician Bivalve ID

  25. Yes that’s second on my list. What a cool creature.
  26. Based off my personal experience, Dilophosaurus, Carnotaurus, Acrocanthosaurus and Brachiosaurus teeth are crazy hard to get
  27. Let's see your latest mailbox score!

    I seem to be struggling with my self imposed ban on fossil purchases A Stromatolite slice - Bolivia 12cm x 10cm Not a great photo. But gives an idea.
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