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  2. Fossil ID

    No, I didn't mean to suggest that. Indeed I meant the opposite. Don
  3. Tooth?

    Don't you just hate stumbling on fossils? In fact, giant gorgeous teeth getting in your way is just a terrible pain in the tookus. I'd be happy to help with that problem, though. Feel free to send that bothersome beauty to me and I'll make sure it never gets in your way again....
  4. Well that turned out as good as I could have hoped for. It's certainly nicer than my specimen. Don
  5. Bone or rock in NJ Cretaceous stream?

    Sort of a cold metamorphosis in oxidation states involving dissolution and precipitation is how I envision it forming.
  6. Fossil ID

    @FossilDAWG Thanks!!, So its from a Placoderm?
  7. Fossil ID

    That is a pretty amazing specimen! Don
  8. Just an update, now that the fossil has been in my home for a little while. I'm very happy with it, and it displays very nicely. I wanted to show you what it looks like in natural light, as opposed to the seller's photo in artificial light. You'll notice that I did work on getting the "mud" (whatever the preparer used) out of its eye socket, which was a scary proposition for me to try, but it looks better than a glop of mud in its eye (I think so, anyway). I'm very pleased with this fossil, and thank you again for your opinions leading up to my purchasing it. The perspective is just slightly different, as it displays more upright than in the seller's photo, where it was laid flat on a table.
  9. Echinoids

    Various Echinoids from my collection
  10. Fossil ID

    Sometimes there is a bit of luck, such as finding some fused vertebrae from big Devonian “Dunky”: https://palaeo-electronica.org/content/2019/2488-dunkleosteus-vertebral-fusion
  11. New Allosauroid from Argentina

    Thanks Troodon for posting that, very informative. It seems like there’s a new dinosaur discovery every two weeks!!.
  12. Fossil ID

    Placoderm vertebrae have an unusual shape, and are composed of thin, perichondral bones. One determinant would be arch bases in the synarcual.
  13. Fossil ID

    The fish that occurred at the time and environment in which the Bois Blanc formation was deposited were primitive sharks and placoderms. These fish had cartilaginous skeletons, and ossified vertebrae have not been described from Devonian marine deposits. It is misleading (not intentionally so, BTW) to compare Cretaceous and Cenozoic sharks to Devonian sharks, or Carboniferous sharks as well, for that matter. Don
  14. Fossil or not please

    Thanks for your quick replies, appreciated
  15. Fossil or not please

  16. Fossil or not please

    To me, it looks like a rock, not a fossil. I am about 80% sure on this.
  17. Fossil ID

    I can see this as a coral, just a little blurry, is it smooth on the circular parts of it?
  18. Fossil or not please

    Hi, i am very new to the hobby and just wondered if this is a fossil vertebrae of sorts or not. Its about 8cm long and 4cm width. Thanks for any help. The area is known for Plesiosaur and Ichthyosaur fossils but it doesn't look right from images I've seen. more pics available but i need to make files smaller.
  19. Arthropods

    Various arthropods from my collection
  20. Fossil ID

    I would have to say that the vertebrae is in the fish/shark family, cant put it on a specific species though.
  21. Crazy blue ammonites

    These are certainly interesting! I don't have a clue as to the coloring, but I'm in the gastropod camp versus ammonite
  22. Petalodous Teeth

    Nice Teeth! There was a wide variety of early sharks in that period!
  23. Fossil ID

    Thanks Kane, I’ll get some better photos tonight, my phone camera doesn’t work the best with small objects, so It will be tricky.
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