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  2. Devonian phytopathology:fungal infections

    LINK Fungi from the Rhynie chert: a view from the dark side T. N. Taylor, S. D. Klavins, M. Krings, E. L. Taylor, H. Kerp and H. Hass Transactions of the Royal Society of Edinburgh: Earth Sciences, 94, 457–473, 2004 (for 2003)
  3. Fungal endophytes in a 400-million-yr-old land plant:infection pathways, spatial distribution, and host responses Michael Krings, Thomas N. Taylor, Hagen Hass, Hans Kerp, Nora Dotzler and Elizabeth J. Hermsen New Phytologist (2007) 174: 648–657 nothiafungalinfepatholkringstltaylnewphytolkerpdotzl37.2007.02008.x.pdf NB .:Chytridiomycota, Glomeromycota, Ascomycota, Peronosporomycetes are known from Rhynie
  4. vermesbioturbaBOREASquaterproxyxcalciclimatebor.12359.pdf High-resolution quantification of earthworm calcite granules from western European loess sequences reveals stadial–interstadial climatic variability during the Last Glacial CHARLOTTE PRUD’HOMME , OLIVIER MOINE, JEROME MATHIEU, SEGOLENE SAULNIER-COPARD AND PIERRE ANTOINE Boreas/v.48/2020 DOI 10.1111/bor.12359
  5. It's iron,man

    The microbially driven formation of siderite in salt marsh sediments Chin Yik Lin, Alexandra V. Turchyn, Alexey Krylov, Gilad Antler Geobiology. 2020;18:207–224. gbi.12371.pdf
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  7. Another Devonian weekend :)

    @Wrangellian yea it was definitely a borrow or at least that was my thought
  8. Jurassic World

    Another possibility is that the mosquitos bit a beached mosasaur and then got trapped in amber while still carrying its DNA
  9. Footprint maybe?

    Yeah, I have gone back and forth on it a hundred times. I’ll be curious to see what anyone else thinks.
  10. Footprint maybe?

    I don't think it's a footprint. This looks like water/wind/sand erosion to me. Wait for a few more opinions, though.
  11. dinosaur mans drawings

    Thank you!, I will
  12. Show us your Carboniferous Goniatites

    you have a " lot " of carboniferous trilobites over there , goniatites should not be that far !
  13. Three New Toothed Pterosaur from Kem Kem

    Thanks, I was originally referring to leaving a question mark on the three new Ornithocheiroids that were in the recent paper as i haven't read it and from what i gather they are based on small jaw fragments. The azhdarchoid assemblage of the Kem Kem is something i understand since i have read all the papers of the 4 species and i do agree on the validity of them - interestingly Alanqa & Xericeps might be closely related but some authors have suggested Alanqa to be a Thalassodromid more closely related to Aerotitan (though might be an incorrect judgement). The ornithocheroid assemblage of the Kem Kem does confuse me a bit since my understanding is that Coloborhynchus is known from the early cretaceous period while the Kem Kem is dated about 100-95mya so it would be interesting if the researchers do confirm that species of this genera of Pterosaur existed in the mid-late cretaceous. Hopefully new discoveries in the future would help clear up the validity of the Ornithocheroids in the Kem Kem.
  14. Air abrasive system

    Mine were made by The Prep Tent. They look exactly like this but Mr. Vaniman says he has never heard of them. It sounds lik e he might have made some improvements to the product since I got mine. And we were using them prettyfull on... svereal hours a day for weeks at atime.
  15. Air abrasive system

    Are you using kitchen grade baking soda?
  16. How are you spending your time

    I had to make an emergency run (drive-thru, actually) to the donut shop to satisfy my wife's coffee addiction. Two bags of unground original blend. That should last us a couple of days, I hope.
  17. dinosaur mans drawings

    I'm enjoying all your drawings. Thanks for sharing them. Keep up the good work!
  18. Quick Hunt Before Coronavirus Shutdown

    Love those kermits! I'm glad you were able to get out there while you could. Be well.
  19. Late Cretaceous mammal fossils from North America

    Here’s one about the Dinosaur Park Formation mammals. https://www.researchgate.net/publication/285717409_Patterns_of_Distribution_of_Mammals_in_the_Dinosaur_Park_Formation_and_the_Paleobiological_Significance
  20. Footprint maybe?

    How Awesome thanks for sharing
  21. Show us your Pterosaurs material

    Interesting, can i ask what leads you to believe that? is it due to the humerus head being more rounded? The image i found of a humerus attributed to Barbaridactylus Grandis (below) does indeed look similar.
  22. Quick Hunt Before Coronavirus Shutdown

    Nice finds!
  23. dinosaur mans drawings

  24. While playing with my poo (the fossilized version), I noticed this imprint. It is adjacent to a bone fragment. I'm assuming it is the imprint of a piece that broke away from the bone inclusion. It looks a bit unusual/ornamental, but I am hoping it is recognizable to one of you brilliant bone folks. This is from the Oligocene, Brule Formation, South Dakota. @Carl
  25. How are you spending your time

    Great! And when you finish with the front, you can restart on the backyard again. An endless/ merciless grueling cycle that continues until that white stuff falls from the sky again.
  26. Footprint maybe?

    Found this not far from the other footprints. This is sandstone. I can’t really tell for sure.
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