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  2. Part of a segmented fossil?

    Oh Wow, how neat! Caldigger and plantguy - MANY thanks for the info!! I often find single plates but never more than one together. When I put an individual piece next to it, it totally makes sense. I will continue researching my formations and finds and check out the link you provided. Thanks again. Cheers!
  3. Identifying lined protrusions fossil

    Hello! (Sorry in advanced for posting so much in the last few days, just discovered this community and I have so many unidentified fossils accumulated over the years!) We found some rocks on the side of a river in Toronto with weird looking protrusions and I honestly don't even know where to start with these ones, take a look: Thanks in advanced for your time (and paleontology skill)! -Em
  4. Part of a segmented fossil?

    It's not only possible but probable. Don't forget that a formation is generally a layer of material that may have covered an area anywhere from the size of a football field (which would be on the very tiny side) to the size of an entire continent or more. Sometimes pieces of a formation may be missing in some spots where they have been washed away by moving water (eroded) or split apart by seismic activity (faults and folds). There's some very good videos of the possibilities on YouTube. Google geological processes and watch a few.
  5. Hello! We came across these fossils during a family trip up to Sudbury when we noticed three white boulders in front of a gas station FILLED with a variety of fossils (not sure if originally from Sudbury or not). Anyways most were rather recognizable but these ones were a little different to us: Thanks in advance! Also I'm not too sure what kind of rock this might be (I'm guessing limestone to start), if someone knows I would be interested! -Em
  6. Nano vs T. rex?

  7. Part of a segmented fossil?

    Yep agree with Caldigger...Looks to be part of a ray mouth plate..usually you just find just the individual pieces... nice find... Have you looked at the geologic map of Sarasota County??...sometimes that helps narrow it downs and can tell you what the surface geology is. https://ufdc.ufl.edu/UF00094736/00001 .sometimes its a little spotty....as creeks and rivers tends to mix alot of stuff up as they cut thru the various formations/exposures. Sometimes the associated species you are finding can tell you the age and the formation... Continued hunting success! Regards, Chris
  8. Part of a segmented fossil?

    I believe you have a piece of a ray mouth plate. Here are some examples.
  9. Ptychodus04’s Fossil Fish Prepapalooza

    I wish I could say that! Unless I can find some more material I’m down to 2 plant plates, 2 fish, a croanid plate to clean up, an Oreodont skull about half done and 3-4 other Oreodont skulls that just need to finish and then I’m out of material!
  10. Rare heliophyllum delicatum fossil

    Thank You fossil posters. I feel more informed and am continuing on the right path discovering and researching this.
  11. Dino egg?

    I agree with @Mark Kmiecik - it is just a cool rock with a suggestive shape.
  12. Dino egg?

    No, not an egg. No embryo, simply because soft tissue is not preserved 99.9% of the time. The part you say has the shape of an embryo is exactly the shape of the area where the "eggshell" isn't. Why is that? The outline of the shell does not define the shape of the embryo. Also, eggshell is porous so the embryo can breathe. If you Google photos of magnified eggshell, you'll see what I mean. If an embryo is preserved the bones that have begun forming within are quite prominently displayed and usually well preserved as they are the only hard bits beside the shell. Also if an egg was flattened like that, there would be evidence of cracks along all of the edge where two surfaces meet. There are none here. This alone tells me there is no evidence of shell here, and without the shell it would not retain an egg shape when burial took place. The line across it where it is "bent" should show evidence of compression on the inside of the bend and expansion on the outside.
  13. Nano vs T. rex?

    I have two similar sized teeth that were both from Hell Creek. One is a large nano tooth (left) but the other may be T. rex? The one on the right certainly is fatter. Thoughts? Thanks
  14. Please help identify

    Looks to be ( maybe! ) a phalanx bone to something. Your photos are very blurry, hard to see detail. Any chance of some better in focus shots?
  15. Please help identify

    It's a bit too blurry to really tell anything.
  16. one more day to chime in if you want to go hunting with me! I'm leaving Wed morning, will be there around 2pm!
  17. I found a stone that I believe could be fossilized bone.

    I'm thinking a very suggestivly shaped piece of limestone.
  18. Large Bone Fragment?

    Looks to me like you did paleontology! Fun, ain't it?
  19. I have found what I believe could be a fossilized bone. Can I get confirmation on this? It was found in a creek in Holmes county Ohio. A book of my buddies says bison fossils are in the county.
  20. Bison hoof core?

    Bump with more photos
  21. Part of a segmented fossil?

    Greetings! I found this fossil on Sunday in Bradenton, Fl (Manatee County) It is 1.5”/38 mm long, 1.5” wide and .5” thick. It appears to be broken on 3 edges. I tried to photograph it on white background but some pics where I am holding it turned out sharper. Some of the things I found nearby were horse teeth, chunks of meg teeth, tiger shark and hemipristis teeth and the most massive Florida horse conch and mollusks I’ve ever seen. I’ve been trying to learn the age and specific formations that I hunt in but it’s been confusing to me. Is it possible that I’m in the peace river formation if I’m 40 miles west of the actual river? Or would it most likely be the Arcadia formation, or even bone valley? Some overlap so how do you tell? I think I am mostly in Miocene- Pliocene. Getting a bit off topic but if anyone can shed light on my mystery find and possibly clarify on formation locations I enjoy this forum so very much. Thank you all members. Best, Marie
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