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  2. Chunky Kem Kem Theropod Tooth

    Cheers, Troodon! I've got it labelled as Carcharodontosaurid indet, so that's good to know. Hopefully the photos can be a good comparison for anyone with similar Carch teeth in future, since I haven't seen many like this one around.
  3. Centipede Type Fossil?

    Yes it does fizz in acid
  4. Clearly not the trilobite you bought...I’d be very disappointed.
  5. I will be glad in seeing your new marine Miocene discoveries . Our rare marine Pliocene deposits, in Mondego basin, are in lower parts of some creeks with a lot of vegetation over... just like your pics.
  6. Chunky Kem Kem Theropod Tooth

    Those closeup of the serrations look identical to other Carcharodontosaurids teeth I have. So Im leaning that way and still an anterior dentary tooth.
  7. Coprolite Questions

    Not really sure on this, but I think the shape is determined by the molecular structures and growth patterns of the minerals involved. Underground but saturated with water.
  8. Has anyone tried Shell Creek?

    I passed on a lot of shells and now that the only place I fossil hunt is here on the forum I wish I had kept more.
  9. powelli1

    Hi I hope to see a lot of you all at the 26th annual Aurora Fossil Festival in Aurora, North Carolina next weekend on May 25th. George

  10. I'd go for a refund, however you paid. If someone is likely to sell you a fossil and send you one that isn't even the same as the picture posted for purchase, you probably don't want to deal with whomever it be. If it was off the internet's favorite auction site, don't bother with messaging the seller and use the money back guarantee. I personally see that as fraud, unlikely it was just a mix up.
  11. Peace River Fossil with pattern?

    Bio-eroded dugong bone?
  12. Mystery Shark Tooth

    Sorry NOT an Otodus wrong age and I also think it is a lower Mako tooth but can you give us a close up of the tooth that will help a lot. George
  13. Mystery Shark Tooth

    I agree with Al Dente, looks like a postiteor C.hastalis. Take a look at this thread.
  14. Middle Devonian

  15. Devonian Bivalve from Deep Springs Road Quarry

    Other very nice Devonian Bivalvia! Thanks for show it.
  16. Peace River Fossil with pattern?

    Might be turtle, though the pattern is different from the ones I have seen in the past.
  17. Mystery Shark Tooth

    I’m not sure but I think otudus were earlier than this so @Al Dente is most likely right
  18. ID if you dare

    Those “growth rings” are what intrigued me! Not sure what it could be
  19. Penn Dixie Coming Up

    That is just too funny! Lol
  20. ID if you dare

    I’m not sure!!! I was in a pit 12-15 feet deep. North port, fl
  21. Absolutely beautiful tooth! I will start the bidding at $1!
  22. Today
  23. Crocodile Scute

    Nice find! Congratulations!
  24. Penn Dixie Coming Up

    Indeed, @Malcolmt was most helpful and informative, as was @DevonianDigger! Thank you both so much!!
  25. Adam's Cambrian

    Yup, just a pin vice I think, though I may have used a board pin and toothbush at times. And I use a jeweller's loupe to see what i am doing. I get pretty good results with these black on grey Cambrian trilobites with simple tools. What species do you have from the Kootenays ?
  26. Good luck. As has been said, it's a genuine trilobite, but the prep job is pretty shoddy. The black stuff that came off is probably shoe polish, or the like, which is sometimes used to 'improve' the look of scratched or repaired specimens.
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