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  2. fish or reptile

    First I thought Pachyrhizodus but it's more likely Enchodus

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  5. Nice little fish vert. Again, I don’t see a lot of these that are not attached to matrix and/or that are not badly smashed up. Mm scale
  6. I’m not either but it doesn’t look right to me... here’s one for comparison
  7. One interesting looking tooth: mm scale
  8. Ok, I’ve been going through my micro gravel again and after seeing ynot’s awesome micro pics I am finding a lot more stuff. I have a lot of pics to take, go through and organize, but here are two preview pics, one magnified and one not.
  9. Psittachosaurus

    I'm far from an expert, but the head & neck don't look right to me.
  10. Nice idea - but I'm just having fun plugging away with what I have.. I have 3 or 4 difficult buggers that I am swapping between as motivation and experience slowly come up... I'm just into this as a hobby, not for profit and anything interesting goes to the Canterbury Museum anyway... I love them so much I cant think of losing them after spending so many hours making mistakes and taking the small wins. So much nicer to know that "I" did it. Is it okay if I just post my crabby updates here instead of creating dedicated threads that only rarely get updated?
  11. Sometimes You Have To Whack It !!

    Very nice Rich.
  12. What is this?

    Yes, orthocone
  13. Our awesome community

    I wish you a speedy recovery.
  14. Sometimes You Have To Whack It !!

    Very nice! Cyclus are one of my favorites! If you look close, you may be able to see the gill structures on their back. Here's my favorite. Cheers, Rich
  15. Oreodont

    Looks a fun job. Good luck!
  16. What is this ammonoid

    What age? And could you post more pictures? Natalie
  17. Ammonite

    Do you know from where in France? Or the age? It does ressemble to Pavlovia from the Jura...
  18. Sometimes You Have To Whack It !!

    I soak them in pure water for about 15 minutes and then into vinegar for between 5 and 10 minutes. Afterwards, I place them back in the pure water for a while. I initial water soak is to saturate the concretion and hopefully not leave room for the vinegar to soak into the concretion. Let it work only on the outside. The last bath is to dilute any vinegar and rinse it off. Cheers, Rich
  19. Ammonite

    I just found this guy in some old boxes. I lost the ID card, but if I remember correctly, it came from France. I don’t know ammonites so I have no clue if this could be identified at all without a precise locality.
  20. I loved this whole thread! As a beginner, I find this Etobicoke Creek to be fabulous and full of interesting material. Most is not of the type I can carry away, so I often photograph it. Below is a fossil from right near the Lakeshore Rd Bridge.
  21. Mammal Bone ID from Rare Location

    Hi Osteobyte, I looked at some photos of horse acetabulum and I think you are right! I always thought it was a little thin to be a leg bone. Thanks for the ID! -Jesse
  22. The Devil’s Punch Bowl, Hamilton

    That was a very interesting report. I went there and found nothing identifiable. Inexperience, maybe.
  23. What is this ammonoid

    Here’s something I found in Michigan, it’s an ammonoid of some type but I thought it was too wide to be a goniatite, I could be wrong though.
  24. Hi Everybody, I am trying to ID some fossils for my friends from the Royal Peacock Opal MIne. They have these fossils for display only at their gift shop but they are not really sure what they are. These are all miocene age fossils, Humboldt County, Nevada. I think the foot and the teeth are from some kind of small horse. I have no idea about the jaw with the teeth. Picture 1: Articulated foot bones from a horse? Picture 2-4: Jaw section from unknown mammal Picture 5-6: Bovine tooth, horse? Bison? camel? Picture 7: Bovine tooth, horse? horse? Bison? camel? Any IDs would be appreciated, Thanks, Jesse
  25. Oreodont

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