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  2. Lucky Hexanchus find at Sharktooth Hill

    @Fossildude19 @Troodon @Darktooth @Bobby Rico @FossilsAnonymous @Ludwigia @JamieLynn @FossilDAWG Thank you all for your enthusiasm and encouragement. This forum is the best!
  3. Dromaeosaur claw?

    Hey guys, I have had this claw in my collection for a few months now, I was told that this was a dromaeosaur claw. I wanted to get it looked at by the forum since I’m still just an amateur when it comes to fossils. Was hoping to get some thoughts on it. Thanks!
  4. Rhizodus teeth

    Not to highjack this thread (awesome teeth by the way, would love to have either a Rhizodus or Hyneria tooth in my collection), but what is the legality of collecting the above mentioned talus debris? Is there any need to be accompanied by a group (DVPS) or the red hill paleontologist? I believe I was told on the forum several years ago that being a member may have been necessary to collect there. I could be totally wrong, just checking as it's a site I've wanted to collect for a while now.
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  6. Another Bone to ID Please

    I figured it had to be that cause it didn’t look ceratopsian. Thanks.
  7. Another Bone to ID Please

    yes, hadrosaur toe bne from the middle toe.
  8. Tooth?

    OK.... will do. This should have been a PM. : )
  9. Took A Long Hike Today

    I wanted to try some new spots that are closer to home, so a family here was nice enough to take me out to their land near Dinosaur Provincial Park and allow me to surface collect. I only kept two things (wasted a good portion of the day searching for tyrannosaur teeth to no avail) but I did find some neat stuff so I thought I’d share. Please excuse the circling and the caption, those were for Instagram. Nice & green this time of year. Won’t look like that for long. Heres something I found a few times today; random pits of petrified wood just shattered. Here’s a good 10 inch chunk that I kept. More petrified wood. Dino bones. Most of them were broken and difficult to tell what they were, as the dinosaur park area bones usually are. Please excuse the circling. It was for Instagram. This was the largest bone I seen today, was over 2 feet long most likely but it was at an awkward place so I didn’t climb any higher to get close. Excuse the caption. This one was fairly large as well. This one I kept because it was one of the only good condition bones that wouldn’t require excavation. Hadrosaur toe bone. (thanks jpc for the help)
  10. Probably my best haul yet!!

    Nice finds. I think the second item in your second post are coral cross sections.
  11. 2020 Ontario Trilobite Hunting

    Although the hunt goes on, I will no longer be contributing to this thread. All the best to everyone in this 2020 season.
  12. My Trilobite Drawings

    This thread is now discontinued. The drawing will continue, though. Thank you all for your kind words, encouragement, and inspiration.
  13. Tooth?

    Thank you. I’m trying to absorb as much as I can. I found these in a crevice or hole in another larger rock. I didn’t think much of it at the time, being that they were loose, like gravel. The more I dig into this larger rock, I keep finding similar examples. When I get back to where this rock is, I’ll update this post with pics of all. Didn’t mean to hide or conceal anything, just thought they were kinda like loose gravel that had washed in, which they probably are.
  14. Another Bone to ID Please

    Hey all, some folks I know around here own land by Dinosaur Provincial Park and were kind enough to not only let me explore their land but also surface collect. This particular bone I’m unsure about. It’s pretty sun bleached. Maybe a Hadrosaur foot bone of some sort?
  15. Thanks John ( @DPS Ammonite ), I appreciate the qyuck response
  16. Tooth?

    Although I am fluent in French as a Franco-Ontarien, this is an English-based forum. Please maintain posts on the open boards in English, reserving non-English comments to PM, or providing English translations for non-French speaking members. Thank you for your cooperation.
  17. Tyrannosaur tooth from new mexico

    There are numerous dinosaur bearing units of slightly different ages around Farmington. Each has its own tyrannosaurs. So, yeah, we need more details on where it was found.
  18. Huge unidentified tooth

    Nice tooth, very interesting.
  19. Missouri Burlington Formation hunt 5-27-20

    Great finds!!! And just out of your back door. I have to drive 4 hours to find the Burlington (but it is worth it). How far from Keokuk are you? Mike
  20. Pit stop into the Silica Shale - Paulding, OH

    @Peat Burns Nice finds - thanks for the trip report. Glad you found some cool things.
  21. Pleasing but typical Mississauga finds

    Nice plates! Those bryozoans are pretty cool.
  22. Identification Assistance

    Welcome DBe.
  23. Probably my best haul yet!!

    Nice finds and so many of them - congrats!
  24. Thanks @Pemphix , here's the finished product.
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