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  2. 9349AD38-CF27-4333-A596-160530E50155.jpeg

    It looks like a modern cicada with two eyes and a mouthpart.
  3. Split Egg - Real?

    Looks real. :-)
  4. Split Egg - Real?

    My uncle lived in Davenport, Iowa. He gave me a bunch of items like this 30 years ago when I was like 9 years old. I do not know where this was found, or if it is real. Thanks for any insight! Dan
  5. Fossil or Rock?

    Is this a fossil or just a rock embedded in shale? Found it on the beach in Runswick Bay, North Yorkshire. Any help would be much appreciated!
  6. Fossil Plate? Collection From Uncle

    Its not the same one as a little earlier. Actually, they may have been found together and from the same find- but in separate pieces when I got them.
  7. 9349AD38-CF27-4333-A596-160530E50155.jpeg

    And please put a ruler in your pictures for scale.
  8. pliocene fossils

    To defragment clay, you have to put your dry blocks in a mixture of water and hydrogen peroxide. Once your sediment has been thoroughly removed, you sift through and rinse. You dry the remaining parts as a block and repeat the operation as many times as necessary. Coco
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  10. Fossil Plate? Collection From Uncle

    I think I've seen this somewhere else already.
  11. I Like Him! -- What is his name?

    Grandpa's right on the first one. Conglomerate. The second one looks suspiciously bryozoish to me. It would help if you would read this and follow instructions, particularly the third.
  12. 9349AD38-CF27-4333-A596-160530E50155.jpeg

    Hi, You should put these photos in the ID section instead of in your gallery, we don’t know what it is. And like Roger said, you should name your pictures. Coco
  13. I Like Him! -- What is his name?

  14. 5954381C-DBF9-4625-8DBB-8906319DE8B7.jpeg

    @cory76044 I'd suggest you edit your titles and give the name of the fossils instead of a bunch of numbers and letters.
  15. Fossil Plate? Collection From Uncle

    Another specimen given to me by my uncle over 30 years ago. Never really looked at these until recently. Any insight would be great! I have no idea. Thanks!' Dan
  16. 9349AD38-CF27-4333-A596-160530E50155.jpeg

    Very interesting. What part of the anatomy is this?
  17. Is this a fossil?

    Nice shell, thanks for sharing, @Cricket! Its not a glycymerid, a glycymerid looks more like this (notice the teeth area at the top and the crenulated margin, specimen is 9 mm wide, Miocene, Styria, Austria): Your shell seems to be composed of calcite (somewhat glassy and glossy appearance). This will put it in the category of oysters, pectens, plicatulids etc. From the overall appearance, it could be a plicatulid bivalve, but I am surely not sure . Franz Bernhard
  18. Ricky’s Field Museum prep

    I agree, much better to really take the time to make it nice! Nothing worse than a bad prep job on what could have been a beautiful specimen... Yeah isn’t that paddlefish/sturgeon jacket great? The woman who works on it is so dedicated! (And just a great person overall too )
  19. Guilty on both accounts...and I don't even have an upstairs!
  20. A new site (for me) in the Wutach

    I went back there one more time and just ended up confirming what I had already figured. The staufensis bank was way too hard and the sinon banks way too soft, so getting decently preserved fossils out of these horizons is really a hit and miss situation. Mostly miss actually, so that was my last visit there.
  21. ID: Rock of Fossil?

    I believe it is a rock of volcanic origin.
  22. ID: Rock of Fossil?

    Here is a close up of the rock.
  23. Legality of Tibbs Bridge Site?

    Wait...what? This is news to me.
  24. ID: Rock of Fossil?

    Found this rock on the beach in Runswick Bay, Yorkshire. It is very light weight compared to its size. Is it a rock or some type of fossil? Any help with the ID is appreciated.
  25. An exploded stylemys tortoise

    Fantastic work. Piecing together turtle shell is BRUTAL. Well done.
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