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  2. Looks a bit like a finger

    That would be a very nice conularid.
  3. Looks a bit like a finger

    Congrats - a nice and uncommon Conulariida. Thomas
  4. Another Fossilized Nut?

    Welcome to the Forum. If you read the old thread through, you would have seen that it was determined to be a concretion, colloquially called a "knobstone", and not a nut.
  5. Stained glass with ammonites.

    Great picture, Neil!
  6. Looks a bit like a finger

    First time I've found one of these. From Norway close to a place with a lot of trilobites, if that helps. There may be more of the fossil hidden in the rock, but I'm a bit scared about hammering around it. Any idea what it might be?
  7. Lusitanichthys africanus

    Not yet. There is more to do, but tools are in the shed. Thanks Don! Thanks Ricardo!
  8. Field trip in yamaguchi prefecture, japan

    Lovely trip, thank you for posting
  9. Mid-Devonian Ontario Dig

    ... Well, even if you couldn't make the drive, if you've collected the silica shale in Ohio or equivalent formations in Michigan, we share a lot of the same fauna. The only difference up here is that the fossils are in metric, and say sorry a lot.
  10. INVITE - Annual pilgrimage through NY

    It wasn't too far off the mark... There will be a lot of tools and helpful people. We have our resident DSR experts JeffreyP and Darktooth et al, and a couple of us folks who throw some big chunks down for others.
  11. Mid-Devonian Ontario Dig

    Nice finds, made me go check to see if my passport is up to date. Ontario is just over the border from New York
  12. Mid-Devonian Ontario Dig

    Thanks, all... Still need to put that fish puzzle together. @Manticocerasman - Heh, our goniatites are puny compared to the ones you have over there! Ours tend to average to about the size of a Euro coin. The tradeoff is probably trilobites (your goniaties maybe ate them all, which is why they are so large?).
  13. INVITE - Annual pilgrimage through NY

    Wish I wasn't working this weekend . Good luck to everyone out there hunting!
  14. Stained glass with ammonites.

    The previous lamp lit up. Thanks.
  15. My Trilobite Drawings

    Thanks, gents. This one will be tough to top in terms of interesting subject. And, Mike, hopefully we are seeing you next weekend?
  16. INVITE - Annual pilgrimage through NY

    This was actually in reference to the PD dog with the experts event... I'm not sure how/why I posted it here. I may have thread hopped. Sorry about that!
  17. Portuguese teeth

    A forum member recently offered these teeth. One as partial torvosaurus or megalosaurid and the second as dromaeosaur. How rare are they and what is the exact ID if possible?
  18. Lusitanichthys africanus

    Thank you for upload this one! Very nice specimen! I'm glad to see it because this genus [Lusitanichthys Gayet, 1981] was described from Cenomanian Portuguese specimens.
  19. Today
  20. The Bad Bush

    I'm not sure you could qualify that as a bush, as I see no recognizable foliage. I see the 3 branch like items, but the rest looks like mineral staining and depositional features.
  21. Unidentified crocodile bones from Holzmaden

    Thanks Kevin That would be indeed very rare ... I think only 13 complete or scattered remains of Plesiosaur were found in Holzmaden, although people hunt there since a very long time. Would be so happy if it's really Plesiosaur
  22. April 2019 - Finds of the Month Entries

    20.04.19 I present you here a section of a very large ammonite. My first guess would be Titanites because of its sheer size. Quite a pain to lug around. Found in West Weare, Isle of Portland, UK Jurassic in age and Kimmeridge Clay. It measures 76cm around the outer curve.
  23. unknown

    Ordovician or Silurian. Pleistocene erratic boulder. Central Poland. Black, shelly object + nicely ornamented mould, which may or may not belong to the same fossil. As always - sorry for the unpreped state + poor photos. So far, I considered: Leptaena fragment, trilobite sclerite, or Catenipora in side view. Any ideas?
  24. The Bad Bush

    Here is a 300lb slab of rock I chisled out of my back yard that has a bush on it from the carboniferous this is in Lincoln County WV, Iron pyrite and quarts sandstone medium sizes grains matrix
  25. The SG Fossil Cache - Crustaceans

    amazing fossil collection you got there.
  26. Another Fossilized Nut?

    Not a nut.
  27. The SG Fossil Cache - Crustaceans

    A mini update. An exceptionally large clam shrimp. Eosestheria sp. (Clam Shrimp) 133 - 120 million years old | early Cretaceous Jehol Biota; Liaoning
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