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  2. what is this?

    Have you cracked it open? If so, what did you find?
  3. Ethics of Fossil Collecting

    Here is a partial solution for the professionals to find new species and fodder for research and donation. Add your fossils to a database such as our Collections. We hope to allow better searching in Collections so that you sort by several terms at once such as finding all the Pennsylvanian brachiopods from Texas. I would like to see the ability to put unknowns, problematica and fossils with uncertain ID into the Collections or a companion database. The are plenty of officially undescribed Pennsylvanian fossils in Arizona: bivalves, corals, sponges and bryozoans. The ability to sort and display them will help amateurs and professionals alike.
  4. Taxonomic Shark Displays- a work in progress

    I want to thank our friends @Tay Francis and @siteseer for their help in this display. Pristiophoriformes, the Sawsharks. It’s a small collection with just the three from Chile and three from California but pretty awesome. Tay gave us our first one and Jess gave us some awesome California examples. Not yet labeled at all but I am really looking forward to talking about Sawsharks in the future. Really remarkable creatures.
  5. even more brachiopods and bivalves in the creek today

    I like these a lot Matt! Nice finds!
  6. Ethics of Fossil Collecting

    This seems to be a situation similar to what happened in the Ancient and Roman coin collecting hobbies a few years back. Many, many common coins, if not all in several countries; were classified as Cultural Heritage, confiscated and forbidden from export or sales. As a result it drove many collectors out of the hobby. I've often wondered what happens to the thousands upon thousands of duplicate coins they have confiscated/collected and if they will ever be seen by anyone again. Now it appears a similar effort may be happening to my hobby - fossils. I've heard the UK has come up with a solution that has made both the Ancient coin collectors and the government happy. Any chance the UK collector/government program can be adopted for fossils?
  7. Pretty shells

    I have a similar situation! There are many amazing exposures, with fossils everywhere, around my neck of the woods, but I have yet to run into anyone else hunting them when I’m out there. I know there are some others that collect here, but obviously not many. I haven’t been to some of the more popular, and well documented exposures yet though. I’m sure if I went to Maysville, I wouldn’t be the only one there.
  8. Silurian trilobite, Kankakee Illinois

    No worries
  9. Silurian trilobite, Kankakee Illinois

    Please take a moment to read carefully in the threads you are posting in. This question is answered in the previous posts above.
  10. It’s a great feeling when hard work pays off! Congrats on the awesome finds Al and thanks for sharing!
  11. Pretty shells

    A tiny brachiopod I prepared earlier today out of its cherty matrix home. I just love the mineral staining on the back valve. Pretty unique!
  12. Taxonomic Shark Displays- a work in progress

    Hi Jess Thank you. I am really pleasantly surprised by the Squaliformes display. We did well I think. I can also quite honestly say the desire to add more comes from the collector part of me not the educator part lol I blame Frank for my growing Cow Shark love lol He really sparked it. I do want to move the temporal range back with a Jurassic tooth. That will be a goal going forward but I am really happy with where we are at. I can’t wait to actually use these displays lol We did put in a lot of work but it has been so much fun. Plus it was a great way to interact with different members of the forum and get so much help. Kurt
  13. Pretty shells

    Thanks so much! Brachiopods sure do bring me joy, and I'm glad to share and have others enjoy them too! I hope it inspires more Missourians to get out there and fossil hunt. I'm spoiled and have a lot of variety and formations in my area, but it just never ceases to amaze me I'm always the only one out collecting it.
  14. Silurian trilobite, Kankakee Illinois

    This documentation came from a member in my fossil group on Facebook I will ask the Paleotolgist who sent it to me. I’m heads to work right now give me sometime. Sorry
  15. Silurian trilobite, Kankakee Illinois

    This will help me a lot thank you! I’m prepping cheplum right now to expose it better.
  16. Silurian trilobite, Kankakee Illinois

    I added my recent find to an older find so that both are together.
  17. EOS small treasures

    Thanks Bobby, I went for long stretches not finding these shorter , slighter whale teeth, but recently I have been finding many more examples. That's a good thing. I am working on accepting the wide variation in length.
  18. Ethics of Fossil Collecting

    It would be interesting if academics and private collectors had more of a centralized interface for soliciting/offering/coordinating donations. Some of us, myself included, may have portions of our collection we know we’ll never display, and may not be very attached to, that could be of interest in active research. But lack of a centralized portal leaves everyone unaware. If TFF had a subforum for research donation requests, I wonder what it would take to get more academics to visit and use it. Or would they request things that no one wants to part with, and grow frustrated.
  19. Ethics of Fossil Collecting

    I hope privately collected specimens are not simply lost (no idea of percentage here, but I assume most people will not just destroy collections they for example inherit (not counting a couple of dusty rocks|ammo fragments that can end up in the trashbin). So even if they were collected with ruining a site and smuggled out of the country and someone was killed in the process, they are still not completely lost for science. I'm sure somebody evaluates specimens in private collections and there should be some development on that track with maybe lits, encouragement for conscientious collectors to register their specimens and take at least a 3-D mode/CT scanl if neede (if they wont donate). I know there's a big issue with the need to actually donate specimens to make them available for research at any time, but with people unwilling to do so maybe modern technologies can help. These are just abstract general thought on tht subject, but we know even in museum collections there are lots of stunning discoveries, so actually digging into existing private collections could save lots of time and field work Example: http://www.app.pan.pl/article/item/app007242020.html a sauropod has just been discovered in the Moscow region (99.99% marine environment) by cleaning a couple of verts prevoiusly believed pliosaur
  20. Tooth from Post Oak Creek, TX

    Thanks !
  21. ID please, assuming it’s coprolite?

    I don’t see anything that screams fossil. Probably just a water worn rock.
  22. Tooth from Post Oak Creek, TX

    To me it looks to becom too thick too quickly, I don’t really know how To describe it but I am 99% sure it’s shark
  23. Tooth from Post Oak Creek, TX

    https://www.google.com/search?rlz=1CDGOYI_enUS611US611&hl=en-US&ei=dijMXqS1F9HGsAXQ_YbQBA&q=xiphactinus+&oq=xiphactinus+&gs_lcp=ChNtb2JpbGUtZ3dzLXdpei1zZXJwEAwyAggpMgIIADICCC4yAggAMgIIADICCAAyAggAMgIIADoECAAQRzoFCCEQoAE6BggAEBYQHlC9DVicFGD0GmgAcAF4AIABaogB7AKSAQM0LjGYAQCgAQE&sclient=mobile-gws-wiz-serp. Thought it might’ve been him
  24. Found this on a beach in Scotland

    Yup that looks like part of a modern crab claw, I’m not aware of any deposits in Scotland that would hold crustacean fossils
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