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  2. Pre/Cambrian Collection

    This is a neat piece of history. This exact Misszhouia specimen was the one that first drew attention to the Chengjiang biota. Kinda crazy how this one guy led to decades of exploration of one of the world's most important fossil sites.
  3. New Mexico Natural History Museum

    Very nice pictures, it is a great museum. @caldigger that looks to be their large block of Coelophysis material.
  4. Today
  5. Plain ole rock or possible egg?

    +1 concretion. Concretions have a habit of looking like eggs. Oval rocks are EXTREMELY common.
  6. New Mexico Natural History Museum

    Do you remember what creature was in this first jumble of bones you posted?
  7. 4 month round up

    nice crabs.
  8. Echinoderm Collection

    Echinoderms here are bought from international localities.
  9. Small tooth

    Lower Carcharinus teeth. Could be dusky, Caribbean reef, or sicklefin (silky). As Caldigger noted, a scale would be helpful. I've included some pics of lower Carcharinus teeth below, courtesy of elasmo.com. The top is a sicklefin/silky (C. falciformis). The two in the middle are dusky (M/F), C. obscurus. The last is Caribbean reef shark, C. perezii. Note the scale bars. Also note whether there are serrations on your tooth (I cannot tell from the photos). If there are no serrations, then it's a lemon, Negaprion sp.
  10. Gotta Start Them Young

    Good way to get Your prep done. You need to do a little bribing to get more done though.
  11. Bones from Sharktooth Hill

    The second one from top reminds me of a seal phalange
  12. Arkona South Pit

    Some really nice finds @Kane and @Ludwigia
  13. Bones from Sharktooth Hill

    Hello, I returned from Sharktooth Hill (Bakersfield) with a bunch of bone fragments that seem to be mostly whale ribs and unidentifiable fragments. But I did have a few pieces that seemed distinctive enough that I thought someone more knowledgeable than me might be able to recognize. The third one from the top looks very similar to something another member posted (though not identified) - one side looks exactly like driftwood (is this known form STH?) but the other side very different, as shown in the pics. Someday I hope to be on the help-delivering side of the equation in this forum. Until then, much gratitude!
  14. Marine fossil ID would be most appreciated

    Sorry, thought South Bend was Devonian, with minimal till.
  15. Small tooth

    It would be good to include some size reference. ie: having a scaled ruler next to the item.
  16. Pretty shells

    Not a brach, but still a pretty shell of a platycerid gastropod.
  17. Museum presentation on sharks

    Nice looking setup there Jason. This guy sure looks happy. Happy to eat you!
  18. Pretty shells

  19. Pretty shells

  20. Pretty shells

    I've been home for a few days now, so I've had time to finally prepare and work on some more brachiopods I've had stowed away. 28
  21. My Trilobite Drawings

    One of two Canadian bugs cued up. The lighting in the photo doesn't really capture this one, but this gives the general idea.
  22. Museum presentation on sharks

    Sounds like a great way to spend a day!
  23. Hello all this is my first post. I recently came into possession of what I believe to be a Allosaurus rib fossil. Unfortunately the specimen snapped in a few places during transit. This dose however give me the opportunity to post pictures of the broken sections. Not exactly what I was expecting to see, but then again this is my first large fossil so I don't really know what I was expecting to see. some information I was provided from the previous owner: '"last 6 inches of the distal end, is restorated. The rest of the rib was found largely intact. Found on private land in the Morrison Formation" Any information that can be provided to me would be a great help. Debbie
  24. Coral I found.

    I found some coral fossils on the Million Dollar Highway. I found some other cool fossils, but I couldn't pull them out of the rock...
  25. Small tooth

    Hi there, With that deep nutrient groove you will be more likely looking at a Negaprion sp. a lemon shark or a lower Carcharhinid. The lemon sharks are a common find alongside the Carcharhinus sp. requiem sharks that are also abundant. Hard to tell sometimes with worn teeth. Maybe @MarcoSr or @Al Dente can nail it down further. Cheers, Brett
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