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  2. Black Shale things

    Pyritized burrows would be my best guess
  3. spores on leave?

    That's what I thought as well
  4. Show us your plastic dinosaur

    @Tidgy's Dad Sometimes i need a full one of these when trying to classify brachiopods
  5. Today
  6. The Ghost Spine Problem Most of the time Helicon Focus' Method C works well for 3 dimensional trilobites. But there are some spiny trilobites that defeat the algorithm. Koneprusia dahmani was one such trilobite. The dorsal shot came out well. But the shot of the left side, necessary to show the down spines with their cross spines, didn't work out too well. The problem is due to the long spines on the left side that extend towards the camera. They are well in the foreground of the rest of the trilobite, although I was careful to set the A and B points so that in focus pictures were made of all parts of the trilobite. The close up in the third picture shows the problem. Several of those left spines have become semi-transparent, so you can see parts of the spines, thorax, and background of the trilobite through them that should be occluded by them.
  7. spores on leave?

    This might be some form of oviposition, which would be quite egg-citing! I know the phenomenon has been reported for cordaites before. Wil look up the literature reference tonight for proper comparisons.
  8. Taxonomic Shark Displays- a work in progress

    The Angelshark display is nearly complete with the arrival of a Chilean Squatina. We should have our Jurassic Angelshark tooth within a week or so which will finish this display. This is my favorite shark and I love talking about them. Not a ton of fossils obviously but we can show people teeth as far back as the Jurassic and from some pretty cool locations/formations. I also take great pride in the time we spend in every program talking about shark conservation and specifically Angelshark conservation.
  9. Let's see your latest mailbox score!

    The trickle of shark teeth continued today. Our lovely little Chilean Squatina tooth arrived today and we got a bonus, a Chilean Copper Shark. I LOVE Angelsharks and I love a bargain shark tooth, especially from a great location.
  10. Iguanodon Vertebrae?

    I think it could be, i am not familiar with Iguanodon fossils but i did find this picture of an isolated vertebrae from the Isle of Wight assigned to Iguanodon Sp for comparison.
  11. Iguanodon Vertebrae?

    Isle of Wight
  12. Three New Toothed Pterosaur from Kem Kem

    Wow! before 2010 there was only one officially described Pterosaur from the Kem Kem (Siroccopteryx, although researchers did know there were other taxon) and in the last 10 years there have been 7 new described species from the Kem Kem. Alanqa was first described in 2010 and then it took about 7 or 8 years for the next Pterosaur to be described (Xericeps). So basically up to six new Pterosaur species have been officially described in the last couple of years. Not to mention there is still the Tapejarid to be officially described so it is sort of the golden age of Kem Kem Pterosaur discoveries! Although i do personally leave a question mark on these new Pterosaur like Troodon said, the descriptions are based on fragmented remains so it may be that one of these Pterosaur remains might belong to Siroccopteryx instead of a new species, but at this point it could just simply be wait and see. Thanks Troodon for the link!
  13. Great finds from the Potomac River

    It might be, I have a bunch that look like it, but I’m looking for the wrinkles at the base.
  14. White River fm. tooth

    I could be wrong but I think @caterpillar is on the right track. I’ve looked at some pictures of the fangs and while most of the pictures are really dark and hard to make out I think I can see that ridge on them....
  15. Black Shale things

    These might not be Brush Creek. They were black shale pieces that seemed to be left as fill. It might be from higher up. I'm going to take a few more photos now.
  16. Please Help ID

    Thank you all for the help! I really appreciate it, hopefully I can find more specimens to help identify this further
  17. Great finds from the Potomac River

  18. Great finds from the Potomac River

  19. Great finds from the Potomac River

    I think I might have found one as well today. What do you think?
  20. Black Shale things

    Pics of the whole thing would be useful.
  21. Iguanodon Vertebrae?

    Along with the Daspletosaurus and Alberta fossils I have been looking at in trying to get. I’ve have also been looking at some European Dinosaur fossils to get. I have found this and am wondering if it’s a IGUANODON vertebrae?, or another animal? It’s from the Isle of Weights, England. Thank you!!
  22. Black Shale things

    To me the second image looks like pyrite. If these are from the same layer associated with the Brush Creek Limestone, then pyrite/iron modules make sense. This particular layer was deposited in quiet, anoxic conditions which form the perfect setting for pyrite deposition. Vertebrate fossils are only found in abundance in the conemaugh group in limestones, coal, and the shale above coals. The environment here would have supported fish but I have never found any of the characteristic Paleoniscoid scales that usually key me on to a vert. locality in this layer. Dunbarella can be found though, as well as other small invertebrates.
  23. Great finds from the Potomac River

    That was a productive site you found. Well-preserved teeth too.
  24. My Reptile, Dinosaur, and Amber Shelves

    what is the jaw to the right of the amber?
  25. Black Shale things

    I got impatient and tore it apart. Actually, both of these are parts of the same thing. I'll have to submit another photo.
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