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  2. My collection

    Welcome from Virginia!
  3. Skull id

    NB.:NOT an ID Mammalian Species 50(957):14–25 Canis aureus (Carnivore: Canidae) Patricia D. Moehlman and Virginia Hayssen sey002.pdf MAMMALIAN SPECIES No. 37, pp. 1-6, 5 figs. Canis lupus. By L. David Mech Canis lupus..pdf
  4. Help identify tooth

    @Kevofossilhntr Great tooth! I don't know much about horses, but it is worth bringing this to the New Jersey State Museum. Pleistocene material is really rare in NJ, so it is best to make sure that it is not modern.
  5. My collection

  6. My collection

    I just heard about it from 2 paleontologist who told me to post my finds on here because I go on so many digs and buy so much stuff to help identify my finds
  7. My collection

    Awsome collection! What took you so long to get here? On a more serious note Dinoman, welcome to TFF. That's a very nice collection.
  8. Adam's Ordovician.

    It's quite a long thread,and I just noted the graptolites . **explosives deleted**
  9. Adam's Ordovician.

    Yes, these and Flexicalymene ouzregui are pretty common in this condition. I picked these up for between 1 and 3 euros each, they're even cheaper down south sometimes.
  10. By general location, it would help to know the county and state. Try getting some better focused photos with more than one light source or in daylight.
  11. I guess it could have iron in it. It has a smooth feel. Found in an area that is a trail in the woods but was a fresh new trail. Some water erosion through that area perhaps over time.
  12. Heading out to Florissant

    Check the Florissant website. They may be closed for winter already due to elevation.
  13. My collection

    Yes I do have more clear pics I will upload them the dark track I picked up a few of them from a dealer who sells them to museums he stated that the museums ask him to add the polish so you can see the tracks better it washes right off
  14. Prepping a double block

    Gut gemacht!
  15. My collection

    Hey, welcome to the forum! Looks like you have an impressive display! Do you have a clear picture? It’s a little blurry and hard to make out what is what. That being said, I’m skeptical about your first dino track with the polish being authentic. Do you have better pics of that too? I hope I’m wrong - if not hope it doesn’t discourage you.
  16. Nice to catch up on this thread and see all the wonderful host families and locations Sara has visited. It's great this is still going strong. It is, isn't it? Max?
  17. For certain, it isn't a "petrified" organ. Still, a plausible ID could be assisted by a general location it was found. These two photos appear to show an iron based concretion or pseudomorph. Welcome to The Forum.
  18. My collection

    This is part of my collection I have acquired over the past year new to TFF just wanted to say hello to everyone. Many of other fossils packed away as I build more cases
  19. I have had this in my collection for nearly 20 years. There is a story on me finding it, but I will hold off on that. I am curious if anyone knows what it is for certain. I have my ideas. It feels and has a weight that seems to be petrified.
  20. Skull id

    Found this skull on the Arkansas river in Wichita. Anyone have an idea on if this is domestic dog or wolf? We can and do find skulls and bones going back to the ice age on the river so want to finally know what I have
  21. Fossil or rock

    Your reference to the bedded jasper paper makes sense to of the 5 or 6 pieces we have found none larger than the palm of my hand they are reddish yellow which would lead to the jasper chert idea
  22. Today
  23. Fossil or rock

    My apologies I only skimmed your message and now understand your thinking of the possibility of chert showing up in thin beds and that I do see that in marine layers in Texas and SC chert has been found. This I did not know
  24. Fossil or rock

    E.G.: Notice particularly the length scale of the layer. Chert influences submarine slope stability(think oil rigs or offshore windfarms). Now think of the siliceous bioproductivity that such a layer implies Please note,BTW,the vertical exaggeration This particular silica layer is influenced by polygonal faulting,hence the slightly rough topography
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