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  2. Good info. Thanks man. and only 999 more votes to go for prez. Wooooop! Woooooooop!!! RB
  3. Sinohydrosaurus?

    I figured it was too good to be true, but I wanted to ask here. Thanks guys!
  4. Very nice and I'm certain it will be very useful. I have a microscope that can be attached to my PC on the way, but it seems to have gone missing.
  5. @RJB that scope and light looks really familiar. I've seen that setup somewhere before. I use a small foam mat for flat slabs like GRF fish or a rolled up t-shirt to support smaller specimens. A small sandbag designed for rifle shooting support works well as they are a little under filled in order to conform to the rifle stock. You also have my vote for president of the Big Boys Prep Club. I can see you in loafers, skinny pants, and a cardigan... oops, wrong kind of prep. Well, you still have my vote.
  6. Quick river trip

    Took the family out to the river this past weekend for a quick look and found a few decent teeth and some less common finds - at least for us. Two shark vertebra and a horse tooth. It's getting crowded out there with the warm weather, time to explore some new spots.
  7. Any ideas?

    The grooves or lines on the tip in first photo remind me of a hoof core.
  8. Lance fm Mammal Tooth?

    @jpc what do you think?
  9. Savannah land based question

    I would really love to have some help exploring the place but the guys are pretty strict and were already a bit tentative about letting me in. I'll certainly speak with them and see what can be done. I don't know near enough about this stuff so I'd welcome some education in exchange for access! @Brett Breakin' Rocks Here's the meg piece I found. Super crisp and looks like it was just recently broken. It's about 1.5"
  10. Any ideas?

    Based upon the color, it looks modern to me. Marco Sr.
  11. April 2019 - Finds of the Month Entries

    Really cool, 3D specimen there. Congratulations.
  12. Thanks guys. I now think I need a sand bag. What do you are anyone use for a small sand bag to hold your fossils in place while prepping. @Kane @Ptychodus04 RB
  13. Today
  14. Quick walk down the beach in Wilmington

    That’s what I was thinking but given it’s just a small corner of the tooth I wanted some outside opinion as well. Thanks!
  15. Quick walk down the beach in Wilmington

    I couldn’t say accurately how old they may be only because I’ve found such a diverse set of fossils there. There’s a little bit of everything to be found, and they consistently dredge and replenish the beach so there’s honestly no telling
  16. ID Help

    This is an interesting and unique pattern. Some of the shapes looked like horn coral to me. Cool find!
  17. Illinois Silurian Trilobite Cephalon

    And with a little more research I think I have found the answer- based on some previous posts here and elsewhere, it looks like this is actually Cheirurus. http://www.thefossilforum.com/index.php?/topic/84651-silurian-trilobites-id-help-needed-ontario-canada/ http://www.thefossilforum.com/index.php?/topic/74584-the-mysterious-cheirurus/ However, the species still seems a little unclear- In the 1916 work that defined the US species of Cheirurus, Percy Raymond separated out C. niagarensis and C. welleri, as well as a few other species, and this one seems closer to C. welleri, with a fairly smooth glabella and glabellar furrows that curve backwards. But I can't seem to find any more recent references to that species. Any trilobite systematists out there want to weigh in? Bulletin of the Museum of Comparative Zoology at Harvard College. New and old Silurian Trilobites from Southeastern Wisconsin, with notes on the genera of the Illaenidae https://www.biodiversitylibrary.org/page/30207254#page/9/mode/1up
  18. 4/19/2019

    Not exactly sure what formation but this appears to be Limestone and the fossils I've seen Ely Limestone are marine Permian based so my guess would be Permian. Nice collection. That gastropod does appear to be a Turritella.
  19. ID Help

    I agree it's a colonial rugose but it's not a cast - it's normal calcite and/or silica preservation that's weathered a bit proud of the matrix. A fine and attractive specimen.
  20. Any ideas?

    Does it float? looks like a lot of air space in the cross section. Another photo of that broken end that is in focus would help.
  21. I want to suggest something to watch on TV because I think it is rare to come across a comedy show that puts any measure of focus on paleontology. It is episode one, season three of the show "Drunk History" that airs on Comedy Central. The episode is about a famous rivalry between paleontologists Edward Cope and Othniel Marsh called the "Bone Wars." The show is basically a host going around the country getting comedians drunk and having said comedians narrate stories about something historical. The show then has people act out what is being narrated and sometimes they get some famous actors and actresses for those parts. I enjoy it because I get to laugh and learn at the same time. It can get pretty weird sometimes and the language gets colorful (they do bleep things out) but that is what you get when you pay a comedian to drink and be funny at the same time. The story about their rivalry is pretty interesting and definitely worth learning about even if the above does not sound appealing. It is available on Hulu and there is a way to watch it on Comedy Central's website. Three segments make up an episode, the second segment is about the Bone Wars.
  22. Syracuse New York area?

    Fossildude19, thanks for site info. Those are great pages. As for other, we didn't make it in time
  23. Excellent addition
  24. One More Piece of Equipment for the Prep Lab!!!

    I do believe I have the same scope. It certainly beats straining the eyes or damaging a prized fossil while prepping.
  25. With the Happy Hour deal, you've got my vote, Ron. Congratulations on the new Microscope! Should be helpful for the Green River Fish, and your crabs and other stuff, as well. Good luck finding the micro-scribes!
  26. Ive been thinkin about gettin one of these for years! I finally broke down and bought one, with extra scope lights. Right now its sittin on the kitchen desk. Just gots to clean up my prep bench now. I also have to find my micro scribes. Bought em years ago, never used them. I wonder where they are? Once I do fine em, I will be ready to join the Big Boys Prep Club. Maybe they will make me presidnt of the club. If so I will make my club goal to have happy hour! Ha!!! I should be a shoe in! RB
  27. Dinosaur-killing Asteroid Mark on North Dakota

    If the government believes that certain fossils are important and should be in the public domain then the government should fund their purchase. It is just a matter of spending priorities. What would be more interesting and worthwhile to own: a block long section of border fence or a T. Rex skeleton?
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