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  2. a few Ptychodus teeth to ID

    I am kind of thinking this could be P. rugosus after checking Hamms description of it. A possibility anyway. I know I am sort of talking to myself in this thread but I think I am making progress on these lol
  3. Massachusetts back yard Fossil! Looking for id!

    That looks like Thalassinoides.
  4. What kind of shark tooth?

    Can anyone ID this tooth for me? It was a freebie, so I didn’t look into it at all, and the label seemed to be incorrect, as those teeth all have cusps. I can’t find the label at the moment, but I know it was a carcharodon. I THINK it was labeled Orientalis.
  5. went on a shark tooth hunt near Venice FL

    I miss Florida!
  6. Deep Springs Road 9-22-19

    Ha, you knew those kids would come in handy someday. "But honey, it's for Devin! You don't want to deprive our child of a full enriched childhood. He might grow up to be a paleontologist and end up supporting us in our senior years."
  7. went on a shark tooth hunt near Venice FL

    I do!!! But finding Megs and ice age mammal fossils makes it easier to accept! And the fishing is out of this world down here so that helps too!
  8. went on a shark tooth hunt near Venice FL

    You must be loving life! Lots of goodies being found. But aren't you going to miss the dino tracks?
  9. Deep Springs Road 9-22-19

    Yeah I was told I could do one or the other, but not both. But My son didnt want to leave at 1 am to go to Jersey with me. We have to go to Maryland because my other son has a Marching band performance in Annapolis. So Devin said he wants to hunt Calvert cliffs before the performance. It has turned into " Honey, think of the children". And BTW I won't even pretend that I wear the fossilpants.
  10. Massachusetts back yard Fossil! Looking for id!

    Sorry this is so sloppy this is my first time using this forum haha
  11. Massachusetts back yard Fossil! Looking for id!

    Sweet thats what i was thinking! I also have 3 of these weird triangles, any chance you know what it is?
  12. Fossil Identification Day

    Just a note here...you didn't give much notice for this, posting on the day of the event. Perhaps next time you can post it in the Events Calender ahead of time so people can plan for it. Sounds like it was a good time.
  13. went on a shark tooth hunt near Venice FL

    The site:
  14. Deep Springs Road 9-22-19

    Not allowed?!! Well I think we know who wears the fossil pants in your family!
  15. My Mazon Creek Finds

    I have also been processing a batch of concretions collected from the ESCONI Braceville spoil pile in September 2018. So far most of what I have found has been incomplete, including examples of all 3 of the most common types of fauna from this site- Essexella jellyfish, some bivalves in poor condition, and Mazopherusa prinosi fan worms. There were a couple specimens that did stand out though. The first is this intriguing red and grey bicolored Essexella with a lightning-like vein of pyrite running through it. The second is a nice red Mazopherusa, with the body and bristles pretty well-defined. Both are examples of what I have found to be typical for preservation from this site- very high in mineralization.
  16. went on a shark tooth hunt near Venice FL

    Love em.
  17. went on a shark tooth hunt near Venice FL

    Yes!! It is amazing!! Here's better pic of the shells..
  18. Deep Springs Road 9-22-19

    I am hoping to do even better in Maryland next weekend. Originally I wasnt allowed to hunt there because I went to Jersey last weekend. But my son wants to hunt in Maryland , so I get to hunt there too!
  19. Skull fossil ID

    I suspect raccoon.... for comparison
  20. Deep Springs Road 9-22-19

    Well that would account for the huge tidal surges! Looks like you made out very well for such a short trip.
  21. Skull fossil ID

    Yeah .. it doesn't look like a fossil .. or rather it looks modern. I was going to say the same .. something like a racoon ? The photos are at a bit of a funny angle too so that doesn't help as much for an ID. Cheers, Brett
  22. Rapp creek hunting

    Don't know how I missed this, but these are some great finds!
  23. went on a shark tooth hunt near Venice FL

    Well done.
  24. mako teeth for Singapore!

    That is what I was thinking.
  25. Deep Springs Road 9-22-19

    Thanks Tim. It was a totally unplanned trip. I didn't think that I would be getting back there anytime soon. But then the Moon and the Stars aligned just right.
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