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  2. Indiana Ordovician Bivalve ID

    Carlton Brett: This is a pterioid bivalve but of course not Caritodens. I do not know the genus; not in the Atlas of Ordovician Life nor Steve Holland’s website, nor the Cincinnatian fossils book. In what part of the Rte 1 outcrop did you find this? Perhaps it is a part of the Whitewater fauna?
  3. Based off my personal experience, Dilophosaurus, Carnotaurus, Acrocanthosaurus and Brachiosaurus teeth are crazy hard to get
  4. Let's see your latest mailbox score!

    I seem to be struggling with my self imposed ban on fossil purchases A Stomatolite slice - Bolivia 12cm x 10cm Not a great photo. But gives an idea.
  5. That sounds like a good collection to me. I as they say live in hope.
  6. Back To The Hunt Now That Summer Is Gone!

    Spectacular finds, Rick! Glad you were finally able to get out some. Thanks for posting your tremendous finds!
  7. I'll even go as far as saying it does not need to be a new genus/species but a positional variant works for me. Crazy collector that I am
  8. Hi Y'all! It's been a crazy hot summer...so hot that it kept me from getting out to fossil hunt. A break came last week when I was able to get out for about an hour and half and found these nice specimens. Having to work on weekends and daylight getting shorter I didn't have much time to really get into it but this site continues to produce regardless how much time I spend there. Love my Carboniferous Flora, especially the ferns! This site produces some unbelievable fossils with detail and contrast! Several varieties of fern species have been found and so fortunate to find so many with the venation detail as some of you have seen in past post of ferns on The Fossil Forum. Here are a few from last weeks finds. Pic 1- Sphenopteris- although there isn't much contrast here, it's still a nice piece Pic 2- Closeup of the Sphenopteris leaves with detail venation Pic 3- Lycopodiates with Nueropteris fern frond and leaflets, coal film giving detail and contrast Pic 4- Lepidodendron stems, coal film giving some detail and contrast Pic 5- Lepidostrobus, detailed cone with coal film giving detail and contrast Pic 6- Lepidodendron- interior impression of trunk Happy National Fossil Day everyone!
  9. Have you found any Galeocerdo mayumbensis from the Old Church Formation? I would be interested in seeing them if you have.
  10. Indiana Ordovician Bivalve ID

    https://pubs.usgs.gov/pp/0695/report.pdf It is listed on the UG stratigraphy site as well: http://strata.uga.edu/cincy/fauna/bivalvia/Caritodens.html
  11. Found a hipster..

  12. Found a hipster..

    Sore knees, palms, lots of glue (no paraloid yet) and a few hours later, this is our progress for the day:
  13. Shark tooth for ID

    beautiful find!!
  14. Finds from recent trip to Ontario and NY

    Dave, Glad you got out, but, sorry to hear about the injuries. Some really nice finds there. I think Basidechenella is now Pseudodechenella. Thanks for the report! Hope you heal up quickly!
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  16. the hunt goes on

    Very nice dipleura partial
  17. Shark tooth for ID

    Well thank you hokitech96
  18. hadrosaurid,2.0

    morphological_innovation_and_the_evolution_of_hadrosaurid_dinosaurs.pdf Morphological innovation and the evolution of hadrosaurid dinosaurs Thomas L. Stubbs , Michael J. Benton, Armin Elsler , and Albert Prieto-Márquez Paleobiology, 45(2), 2019, pp. 347–362 DOI: 10.1017/pab.2019.9 Given the source publication,the emphasis is perhaps not where you'd expect it to be Those who grimace at cladistics might not want to read this RECOMMENDED! rating:
  19. Shark tooth for ID

    Thanks for the great feedback! Very educational! @Ancient Bones Your tooth is awesome
  20. What are the hardest dinosaur teeth to obtain?

    I agree with @Troodon any tooth, any fossil that is not in my collection.
  21. Shark tooth for ID

    Thank you very much Marco ☺️
  22. Wyoming baculite

    The minerals might be laumontite,heulandite or clinoptilolite.
  23. October 2019 - Finds of the Month Entries

    I'd say it was definitely worth going back!
  24. Wish is to find a tooth that is not in my collection....will be happy with any since you cannot predict what is found or comes available.
  25. Thank you everyone. I guess the question is what is “your” wish list for teeth?!
  26. Definitely in my 25 years of collecting only have two nice ones from the Morrison. I am fortunate to have a few from Portugal, Russia and one from France.
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