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  2. Odd tooth-like item from Cookiecutter Creek

    Yup. That's them. A complete mystery when you are not clued in and a wonderful sense of enlightenment when the mystery is lain bare. My fossil knowledge has always been incremental. Instead of gaining an encyclopedic knowledge of a wide variety of fossil types, my knowledge (meager as it is) grows organically based on the items (and usually mysteries that turn into learning opportunities). I enjoy (and appreciate) days when I know more when I go to sleep than I did when I woke. Glad I could share this knowledge to other folks who delve into the black magic arts of picking micro-matrix. Cheers. -Ken
  3. Back To The Hunt Now That Summer Is Gone!

    I think pic1 and pic2 are of the same piece, so the 3rd pic is the 2nd piece pictured? (I love that one too, but all are nice)
  4. Odd tooth-like item from Cookiecutter Creek

    This is great, Ken! I have a lot of these teeth, and have long wondered what fish they are from. I went back and looked in my collection and found that most of them are from Rattlesnake Creek, Fl. Now I know what to label them . Thanks for the links too. Julianna
  5. Cave bear teeth and shark spine?

    I think Cave Bear is Ursus spelaeus. I could be wrong though.
  6. It would But I took it to mean as solely/selectively U.S. recipients or worldwide.
  7. Today
  8. Cave bear teeth and shark spine?

    am i right i thinking ursus pelagus
  9. Ifrane, Morocco.

    Great finds Adam and nice that you got out.
  10. Bone from Big Brook NJ

    Modern unfortunately
  11. Extraordinary Common Teeth

    This tooth could use some cleaning and I just have not had time .. it is however a slightly worn but massive Scapsnorhynchus tooth from an unusual location. Scapanorhynchus sp. ~2.52" - 6.40cm ~90-80 Ma Late Cretaceous - Turonian/Santonian Straight Cliffs Sandstone The Kaiparowits Plateau Escalante Bench Utah
  12. North Texas creek finds

    Take another look at the first specimen. Notice that the crystals around the edge are translucent, root-beer colored. I think the first one is calcite. Agreed? Whatever, it is an attractive specimen.
  13. Yesterday
  14. Bone from Big Brook NJ

    Cool find.
  15. Bones Central Texas

    The skull is a modern white-tailed deer, Odocoileus virginianus, not in any way associated with the Native American culture of the area; but rather, as @JohnJ has said, modern (recent) predation, likely from a bobcat.
  16. Bones Central Texas

    The partial bone next to the skull is part of a pelvis (not an eye socket). A bobcat might have not wanted to be bothered around the separated bits of a kill...even a scavaging gray fox might surprise you what he can get up a tree.
  17. BTW, for you I believe U.S. would count as international.
  18. Bone from Big Brook NJ

    Very interesting.... Is it fossilised?
  19. Cave bear teeth and shark spine?

    I believe that the non-bovid tooth is a cave bear premolar.
  20. My Trilobite Drawings

    oh my goodness. I could tell some sort of fishy joke was on the way
  21. My Trilobite Drawings

  22. My Trilobite Drawings

    He only does it for the halibut...
  23. Heading out to Florissant

    Don’t worry buddy, I’m always there in spirit.
  24. My Trilobite Drawings

    Oh my cod your art is fantastic!
  25. Fish jaw section?

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