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  2. North Texas Find

    Could this perhaps be a leftover piece of concrete post footing with the impression of the fencing on one side and the post on the other?
  3. Sounds like you had a successful outing. Thanks for sharing. I love galumphing dogs.
  4. Is this a marine fossil?

    some of you may like(or find useful): The_specific_identification_of_faecal_pellets.pdf ditto Mar_Geol_289_117a.pdf Author version: Mar. Geol., vol.289; 2011; 117–121 Occurrence of faecal pellet-filled simple and composite burrows in cold seep carbonates: A glimpse of a complex benthic ecosystem A. Mazumdar, R. K. Joshi, A. Peketi and M. Kocherla
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  6. Not at all. Our ancestors were all nomads at some point.
  7. Is this a marine fossil?

    I agree the Ophiomorpha burrows are lined with sediment and not coprolites. I think I read somewhere that Ophiomorpha was reinforced with fecal pellets, but that didn’t make any sense because the pellets in the burrow look very different from actual invertebrate coprolites.
  8. Great to see Sara back in action! Just a little question: Can someone color in a world map to show to what citys / countrys Sara already has been? I honestly lost track and this would be a great ways to visualise Saras journey
  9. I wonder what you'll get, caldigger Please post photos on christmas
  10. Just a couple of late arrivals due to weather and customs delays. I should imagine all should be at their destinations by first of next week. ( crossing my toes here too! ) This is why the sooner these packages get sent the better.
  11. Isle of Sheppey phosphate crab nodule prep

    I have done OK with air abrasive under the microscope. But I am not a UK guy, so I don't know if this counts. : )
  12. Trip to Big Brook

    First pic: upper left and lower right are Scapanorhynchus, upper right is Cretalamna, lower left is Carcharias samhammeri Second: top two teeth= sand tigers, bottom two teeth likely not IDable Third: two Ischyrhiza mira rostrals
  13. If you ever visit Missouri, consider the Burlington Formation. Many counties prevail, Pike is one of the best but in Henry I have found many that are steinkerns vs silicified. The amount of crinoids is amazing, but there are spots where I've found many perfect Globoblastus melo blastoids on the surface. -JG
  14. Dromaeosaurus albertensis?

    Hey everyone this next tooth in my collection was sold to me as Dromaeosaurus Albertensis from the judith river formation in Hill co Mt. Its size is 5/8"....CH is 16 mm, the anterior serrations are 9 per 2 mm and the posterior serrations are 8 per 2 mm.....again sorry for the finger placement in some of the pics...in trying to get the best shots i can for you all. @Troodon
  15. Trip to Big Brook

    Top pic: upper right is Scapanorhynchus and lower right is likely not IDable, the rest are Cretalamna Bottom: All Squalicorax “kaupi”
  16. Trip to Big Brook

    Hi nice haul. First pic: heavily ironized imprint of a bivalve Second: ghost shrimp claw Mesostylus mortoni and 2 belemnite phragmacones Third: Enchodus, need more pics of second item, sawfish rostral
  17. So I was wondering which site to visit tomorrow as I am visiting Texas currently, and I think your post made up my mind. The Waco pit and mammoth museum will see me tomorrow forsure! I love the heteromorph shell, it is amazing looking!
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