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  2. A method to hang a fossil slab

    Good job in sharing your project! These fossils look very nice. Unless the hardware is generic, I believe that this is the same frame and hanger system that I used. What a good investment you've made!
  3. Looks good to me. Nice eggs. Initial photos of matrix were questionable but the additional pictures you posted look good to me. Great find, congrats!
  4. What are your shipping costs?

    Oh. Never had that though...
  5. My gallery wall of fossils

    So, I just finished my first gallery wall. I really like old science art; eventually it will cover all the walls of my office. I got the images as hires digital files, and printed them on Shutterfly. So, from the top clockwise they are: Giant sloth skull, life size; PM if you want me to e-mail you the digital image. Moa skeleton: PM me if you want the image. Poster for fake sea serpent skull made from fossil whale bones; this one came out amazing, I had to buy an odd size frame for it. PM for the file. Madagascar ammonite Keichosaurus fossil Fossil wolf skull image (pm me for image) Fossil crocodile skull from American Museum of Natural history (can't send out this one, sorry)
  6. What are your shipping costs?

    It's a legal requirement apart from letters and what is called 'printed papers'. Not adding a CN form is asking for customs officials to open packaging!
  7. What are your shipping costs?

    Never happened with me. I often shipped to the US, and never had to fill in anything. At the same time, I've sent nearly only envelopes, no parcels. So maybe this only applies to parcels... Otherwise, great info, thanks!
  8. Can anyone I'd this fossil

    Anyone know what this is. I found it along Swatera Creak in Central Pennsylvania.
  9. What are your shipping costs?

    Indeed you're right. Also so if you send something outside of a trade agreement group, for example EU to USA you are required to fill out a CN22 (customs declaration) form if it's under a certain value and a CN23 if over. If you're in a trading group of countries for example UK to Germany both of which (at the moment ) are in the EU no CN form needs to be filled in. The CN forms are for the destination country to decide what tariffs to add. Certainly in the EU no import duty needs to be paid on antiques (items of over 100 years) from outside the EU. In in my experience of international trading (not fossils) and having a friend who's retired (high ranking too) from the UK customs department as well as my brother in law, being vague on a CN form is pretty silly as that's what attracts attention. Random checks are also done on 'gifts'. When I ship outside the EU, the CN form is correctly filled out and if a gift I do often include a postcard. I do mark fossils as for study or educational use too which obviously is true.
  10. Where to find footprints in NJ?

    Thanks for the feedback. If anyone is looking to collaborate, let me know ahaha.
  11. Harry Pristis pointed me to this method, so I thought I would show how it worked out. This only works with fossil that are fairly rectangular or square. A little deviation is okay, depending on what frame you choose. I used Nielsen sectional aluminum picture frames. https://www.nielsen-design.de/en-EN/products/frame-mouldings-aluminium/ They come in a wide variety of colors and styles. When I bought a frame, I told them the exact size of the slab, and they added a tiny bit when they cut it, so the slab would fit inside. So, check with the seller to see if you are ordering the exact size of the slab, or if you need to add a little length yourself so the frame sits inside. I recommend using a carpenters' square when measuring, it made it a lot easier. You need to make sure the frame you are ordering has enough overhang to cover up any potential gap between the slab and the frame. I chose the N95 frame which has about a 1/3 inch overhang. There are frames with an overhang closer to 1/2 inch if you have an irregular slab. You need to make sure the frame you get is deep enough for the thickness of the slab you get. The N95 frame is about 1" deep. Here is what the N95 frame looks like: There are steel angle brackets you use to screw the frame together; here is one of mine seen from the back: You add steel spring clips to press the slab against the front of the frame; I did not use glass: Now, you can use wire to hang the picture; I decided to use the nielsen security hanging system instead; this locks the picture against the wall. It can only be removed with a special tool. So, if someone bumps against it, it won't fall and shatter (or be stolen). They cost me about $4.25 for one set. Here are the brackets for my small one installed; it has one hanger up top, and the "lock" below. On my larger slab, I used two hanging brackets up top. So, here are how they look finished: I know we aren't supposed to post retailer's names here; if you want to know where I ordered the frames, send me a PM. These can be ordered at a lot of places online though. The prices for the small frame and all associated hardware, including the locking hangers was $15.30. The price for the larger frame and all associated hardware including locking hangers was $20.46. Shipping was $11.65. So far, I am very pleased with this method, and would like to use it again. Thanks to Harry for the tip!
  12. What are your shipping costs?

    I'm not very familiar with fossil laws. But I know that some fossils are illegal to collect (because they are on private land, or because they are considered "property of the state"). I'm not sure though if sending fossils in and out is illegal (if the fossils were collected legally), and I think that just sending them around the world is permitted in most countries. An expert should chime in
  13. What are your shipping costs?

    @Max-fossils I get where you're coming from. Not saying this about people on this forum (I'm sure they know better lol) but some people will try to help you smuggle illegal fossils into the US. And then there are the cases where customs aren't aware the sent items are fossils. Also, from what I've read, when it comes to certain countries, it would still be smuggling depending on the fossils being brought in. I could be wrong, so if someone knows more please let me know.
  14. Fourth time lucky

    Seems like you made some nice finds! I do agree with Roger @Ludwigia: the video is a little too shaky, and it's hard to make out detail. I would really recommend purchasing a smartphone Gorilla Grip. I have one myself, and it's very useful to take photos and videos, as your phone doesn't shake (and therefore doesn't go out of focus), and you have both hands free to handle the fossils. Also, make sure not to bring the fossils too close to the camera. Otherwise, it will go out of focus and become blurry. Lastly, there you filmed in a small dark room. If you film outside, during sunlight, the quality and the lighting will be a lot better. And watching your video will be a lot more enjoyable experience! Take my tips into account, and I'm sure that your videos will soon become very successful Max
  15. Fourth time lucky

    Thank you for looking I'll try and upload pics
  16. Rudist or other bivalve ?

    Among my founds i have Rynchostreonae, Pycnodonts, and also Rudists : a Polyconites, some Sphaerulites and some pieces of Ichthyosarcolites. But i wonder about this piece. Is it a Rudist, an Oyster, or something else ?
  17. Today
  18. Gotta Love Florida Fossil Shells

    Whoa, those beauties make me even more excited for my trip to Florida this Xmas! Thanks for sharing!
  19. Dimetrodon fang

    Stunning, as always!!!
  20. Sponge or else ? 3

    Those ones make me think they could be sponges or bryozoans. 1) 2)
  21. What are your shipping costs?

    @thelivingdead531 yeah, but that I understand. Smuggling is an issue. But sending fossils over to a fellow fossiler is not smuggling, obviously. Unfortunately sometimes the postmen don't know what fossils are, and will consider sending them illegal... That's why just saying "rocks" is the best thing to do. Plus, fossils are technically rocks, so... Here in the NL, you don't need to write down anything. Come to think about it, the shipping in my country is awesome! Cheap, fast, good quality, and reliable! And no silly forms to fill in or anything! Should I set up a postage business?
  22. Fourth time lucky

    I think it would be better if you would take some photos of the ojects and post them here. It's difficult to make out any details in the video since everything is moving back and forth and the objects are not always in focus. I believe the second one shows the outer whorls of an ammonite, but the others are too indistinct to be able to judge. The first may just be a concretion, the third just a piece of slate and the 4th appears to have some weathered pyrite in it, but I can't make out what else might be in there since the camera is always moving about.
  23. What are your shipping costs?

    @Max-fossils Even within the military base we have to write what we're sending. It doesn't matter what we're sending (to a degree), but it has to be listed. Try not to list the contents (if they're fossils) as something that is alive today and can be smuggled.
  24. Problems with customs?

    Currently a nice fossil that i have ordered is sat in UK customs. It's been there for 10 days now. I'm getting a little annoyed. The tracking has had not updated since it arrived in the UK.
  25. Mystery Vert From Big Brook in N.J.

    Thank you for the picture.....Now there is a strong possibility that mine is a turtle as well. Did Dave mention if was a land or sea turtle ???? and if I may ask where in the brooks did you find it because I'm doing some research for a paper and any info will be greatly appreciated...If you prefer to tell me in a PM ...please do....Oh by the way super find....Yours would be the seconded one I've seen from the brooks......
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