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Possible tooth from Abbey wood - England

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Found this in abbey wood with a bunch of fossil shark teeth and shells. Wondering if it was a tooth connected to a bit of bone?

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I am going to say no.   The shape is not really toothish and the preservation is not like what I have seen form Abbey Wood.   Correction... I am talking about mammal teeth.  The extreme roundness of this may make it some sort of fish tooth, but again, the preservation is not toothish, from my limited experience.  Ant UK folks care to comment?  

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val horn

I would really like to see if from the top and up closer.  Dont know that I will have an opinion even then but more information always  helps

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Cropped, rotated, and brightened:




I am in the "Not a tooth" camp here.

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Black pebbles are common in the Oldhaven Formation from Abbey Wood.

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