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Tidgy's Dad

I would be very grateful for any help regarding ids of these tiny oddments found in a matrix piece from the Early Devonian Helderberg Group, Kalkberg Formation of the Rickard Hill Road cut, Schoharie, New York state. 

The piece contains four really nice brachiopods, the horn coral Enterolasma strictum and a lot of tiny crinoid ossicles. 

Perhaps, in strict alphabetical order, @Darktooth @Fossildude19 @Jeffrey P@Misha or @Nautiloid might be able to throw some light on them? 

Thank you.


This first one seems to be encrusting along the growth lines of large, flat specimen of Discomyorths oblata. Could it be a cornulitid of some sort? About 2.5mm long.

This first picture seems to show it as pointy, but if you look, the wider end is actually sort of horseshoe shaped ans seems to have an opening infilled with sediment. It seems to show growth lines.





The second specimen I thoght might be a tentaculitid, but now I'm leaning towards a gastropod? Note the very fine striations. About 3mm.





What about these, please? Some are clearly stemmed echinoderm ossicles, but is that a tiny lingulid. Are there ostracods? These are all only a millimetre or two across. 




These last two may be burrows? A white one:


And a darker one:



Finally, tis nice to know they had McDonalds in New York back in the Early Devonian.



Thanks to everyone for looking and for any assistance. :)


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I truly wish I could help. I have my hunches, but I know those who have collected there that you have tagged will be much more pinpoint about it. I did read a splendid paper on the Rickard Hill facies regarding trilobites, and the faunal list is quite similar to the Bois Blanc Fm up here in Ontario.

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Tidgy's Dad
13 minutes ago, Kane said:

faunal list is quite similar to the Bois Blanc Fm up here in Ontario.

Thank you. 

I just hope I don't draw a Blanc with these ids. :BigSmile:

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  • Fossildude19 changed the title to NY MYSTERIES.

I am sorry Adam, but I won't be of any assistance here. I have no knowledge of this site and am only hearing about it now.

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Tidgy's Dad

Thank you to the hundred and sixty or so people who took a peek at this.

Hope some of it was interesting. 

Never mind, it was worth a try. :)


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