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is this a fossil? grid shape

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About 5cm diameter, found on a beach in Midt-Jylland, Denmark (not far from Ebeltoft).


The grid-like shape, is it some kind of leaf?20230730_142739.thumb.jpg.dc4e4e8df0ad804d0dabffdec5d0cb80.jpg20230730_142733.thumb.jpg.c47a5f75cc4cd39f6235421594ccb121.jpg20230730_142726.thumb.jpg.83314a62367db5b5e91816602df1dfba.jpg20230730_142721.thumb.jpg.6ce13ad23e39a308a17a6c359dad9c76.jpg





Sorry for the lack if ruler and potato quality pictures , i am a newbie at this and away from home, but would appreciate any pointers :)

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Hello and welcome to the forum!

Scale would be nice, picture quality is fine.

I think this is a fragment of an echinoid (sea urchin.)

Others may be able to tell you more .

Best Regards,


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Thank you! Looking at other echinoid (flint) fossil pictures they do look similar. I'll post if i can find a ruler.

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I agree with Mahnmut. This is a piece of a flint echinoid. One can see the periproct and ambulacrum in the last photo.

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