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Just wanted to give my fellow fossil hunters a heads up. Was at Green Mill Run the other day and looks like new residents have called it home — snapping turtles. Saw two of them and of course they blend well into the creek. Could've lost my finger when I picked up something almost front of it :Sweating:. Any way, beautiful creatures, but very careful as they can be hard to spot in the water




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Darn, I don't even see them. 

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I see them but just barely! That would have been a tasty treat for them and a nasty surprise for you!

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sixgill pete

These are not new have seen many of them in there over the 25 plus years I have been going there. Have also found syringes, crack pipes, dead deer, lots of glass and other things. The take from this, no matter where you go into a creek, or a river be aware of your surroundings.

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