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Hi all,


I was recently told about supposed Aigialosaurus/aigialosaurid (mosasaurus) material from the Wealden at Bexhill-on-Sea in East Sussex, and was wondering whether anybody knows anything more about this. Because, as far as I'm aware (Wikipedia), Aigialosaurus is described from Hvar in Croatia and, moreover, temporarily restricted to the Cenomanian, whereas these remains, stemming from the Wealden, would be Early Cretaceous in age (Berriasian through Aptian) - most likely Valanginian, as they were recovered from Bexhill-on-Sea.




(Image source)


I must say these remains do look rather mosasauroid, although I've been unsuccessful in finding further information on the specimen, which is supposed to be housed in the Bexhill Museum. The person who first told me about them remembers having seen a newspaper article, believes the British Natural History Museum was involved with the specimen back then, and had heard about a paper being written about it. That's about all I have to go on for now.


So my questions right now are: does anyone have more information on this specimen; know of the publication; and what do people here generally make of this piece: is it mosasauroid, or could it be something else?


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I've recently acquired a jaw that set me off on this investigation. I'm looking for help on it's identification here:



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