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Possible shell fossils NJ New Jersey

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I found these while hunting at a land site in Monmouth county. I usually search on the high regions of the banks of a man made lake, and have found Cretaceous fossils like oyster fragments, Belemnite, brachiopods, and even 1 shark tooth. But today I came across a few of these shells that were only present in this one area. I walked along the entire lake and found nothing else like these. The lake itself does not seem like a suitable habitat capable of supporting snails of this magnitude. This site is also not near the ocean. If anyone has any info or guesses as to if these are fossils or modern, or how they might have gotten here, please let me know. Thanks!

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I can't see the video.

no video.jpg


Pictures are always better for identification.

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The bottom 4 are all the same critter. I've seen it before, but if memory serves it was at Purse State Park in Maryland, which is Paleocene Aquia formation.

They are not extant species.


The top one I'm not sure about: could be fossil, could be recent.


Wish I could be of greater assistance

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Mark Kmiecik

Fossils in my opinion. Nice find and much too easy. You must work harder to be so well rewarded. :D

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