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Location: Greece, Crete, Chania coast (NW Crete)

Context: beach, in sand

Date found: July 2023


Size: 11,5 cm * 8 cm * 3,5 cm



We have found what we think is a fossilised oyster and we want help either confirming or rejecting this.


What do you think? is it an oyster? Is it a fossil? How old? What else do you know or think?









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Al Dente
44 minutes ago, UpsidedownPiranha said:

is it an oyster?



45 minutes ago, UpsidedownPiranha said:

Is it a fossil?

Probably. Someone familiar with the site should be able to tell you more.

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Thank you @Al Dente!

So cool that we found an old oyster! I wonder how old it is...


You don't happen to know of a TFF member who know Greece?



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