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Baby Tyrannosaurus rex/Nanotyrannus lacensis tooth?


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Hi guys, I made this post about this small theropod tooth from the lance creek formation, Wyoming, USA.

I bought it years ago and it was sold to me as belonging to a dromaeosaurid.

It doesn't seem to me that it corresponds to any "raptor", but to a baby of Tyrannosaurus rex/Nanotyrannus lacensis.

What do you say?


Thanks in advance!


Ps: the tooth is 1,2 cm/0.47 inch long and 0,6 cm/0.24 inch wide.







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What a lovely little tooth! 


I do need to correct something though, there's no such thing as the Lance Creek Formation. It's called the Lance Formation, but its named after a place in Wyoming called Lance Creek and is very similar and close to the Hell Creek formation, so really easy to get mixed up.


On the ID it's tricky to say. Personally I think Nano is the most likely since it shares it's profile and base shape (and little Nanos get mistaken for Raptors very easily) although it's tricky to say with absolute certainty since it's kind of worn. But there's people here a lot better at telling those apart than I am so we'll wait and see what they say.


Can we see a picture like 4/10 but of the other edge?

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