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This was found on the spoil piles at the Mazonia Wildlife Management Area in northern Illinois. It looks like fish bone to me.

Please excuse the poor photos. I found it just before rain set in and am impatient to get opinions on it. 




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Are you thinking this is fossilized? It could certainly be modern bone since it’s an active area for fishing, but a fossil would be less likely. There are no Pennsylvanian strata in the area that would preserve bone like that, so a fossil would have to be Pleistocene that got reworked. 

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It's definitely not modern. Here are some better photos. 

If there are crinoids, corals and bryozoans, why would fish bones be excluded ?




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I have no idea about the local probability for fish fossil, but I see what makes you think of fish bone, the "fibrous" structure resembles the nasal of a big  very weathered fish head I once found.

Like your scale reference.

Best Regards,


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