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Fossils out of Fossil Oregon, Plant or bone?

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Three fossils dug from Fossil Oregon:

First 2 fossils are a bit of a jumble, not hoping for a specific id, but mostly wondering if these are plant/seed matter or bones of some stipe? If they are bones would anyone be able to tell if they were fish, reptile or ? 

Last one seems very insect like to me, though this could be just wishful thinking. Am I in anyway correct here?

Thanks so much.












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Please upload as jpg as the forum cannot process heic files.

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These look like disarticulated fish bones to me. I see vertebrae, scales, ribs, and some other, possible skull bits. (And part of a leaf, in the second image.)

Nothing identifiable to genus or species level, that I can make out, however.

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Thanks, didn't expect genus or species, realize there isn't much order there. But it is nice to know which column these fall in, bone/plant. Any thoughts on the third image? insect/plant?

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