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possible tooth ID

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Can anyone tell me what this might be??
(I have no knowledge in this area, just a keen interest so I could be wrong in thinking this is anything lol)
found on the north-east coast of Tasmania, Australia :)

shown next to an australian ten cent coin 





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New members of this forum often show their fossils with coins as a size scale. Here it is an international forum attended by a lot of non-English speakers, not American and not Australian. As a result, foreigners cannot memorize the size of coins in all countries !


If you ask for help to identify your finds, help us by giving the actual size, that is in cm or inches! Make a little effort and we’ll make one :)


If you don't have a rule to put on your photos or to tell us the size of your fossils, print the document located on the 1st line of my signature and use it to make your photos by revealing the size legend !


For me it is not a tooth, maybe a piece of bone but we would need sharper photos and made from several other angles.



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Not a tooth, as there is no enamel present. 

Maybe a hyperostotic fish bone, but not really seeing any bone structure.

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Welcome to the forum.

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