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Hi all,


Any thoughts on the legitimacy of this deinonychus rib fragment? 


There's no further locality information than the Cloverly formation, Montana. Is it possible to identify fragments like this down to species?  The structure of two ridges running down the outside of the rib seems common to dinosaur ribs in general. There is a bit of "honeycomb" structure where it's worn - is that suggestive of it being theropod? Even then, could you distinguish it from ornithomimid or juvenile acrocanthosaurus remains?


I've asked the seller for extra details on ID - I'll update the thread if they reply. 





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Not an expert but here are my thoughts. First, I’m not sure it even is theropod, the ribs don’t look hollow. Secondly U agree with your thoughts, even if it is a theropod I doubt you pinpoint the exact species, considering there are many theropod species in the Cloverly formation. Just my thoughts, wait tor the experts though.

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You really need a locality beyond Montana to be sure its Cloverly.  Looks like a possible process of a vertebra.  Not everything sold is from that theropod.  You should as the seller how he came to that ID?

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 I am not an expert but even complete ribs can be notoriously hard to identify to a species in my experience. I also second getting a better locality. Regardless unless there was other diagnostic material from the site I would vote towards unidentified rib fragment.

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