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Weird Black Shale Fossil+ some conodont teeth fragments (Missouri)

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Location: Warrensburg, Missouri 

Period: Pennsylvanian

Formation: Unknown


Hello! I happened to have had an opportunity to visit land owned by one of my friends and decided to split some of the black shales. I happened to come across something that seems familiar but I just can't seem to place a name on it as of yet.  So far I have found 2 specimens, and I'm not sure if one is just infilling of the original mold or something other. Unfortunately they were in already weathered sections of shale and I could not retrieve the other halves of the shales. In case it helps with identifications, I have found listracanthus denticles, conodont elements, very faint orbiculoidia? shells/fragments, and some nodules that were not compacted enough for me to take thin sections of. 


Specimen #1: What appears to be a mold of the specimen.  




Very faint shell fragments are visible to the right and upper portion form the specimen 











Specimen #2:







And lastly for anyone who is interested, here are images of the conodonts!





Another conodont tooth fragment seen on the left side:





I didn't do any size measurements on the conodonts or use the CAI to determine anything as I'm not experienced in the later but would love any input!



Thanks for taking time out of your day to read all this! 

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The unknown items appear to me to be dermal denticles.

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Petrodus sp., or something akin

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6 minutes ago, Missourian said:

Petrodus sp., or something akin

Thank you, I knew it seemed familiar! I just couldn't place where I've seen it before.  

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