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Arizona Type Fossil specimens in Database

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DPS Ammonite

Kudos to the Museum of Northern Arizona in Flagstaff for having a photo database of fossils many of which are type specimens. I recognize some of the invertebrate fossils in the first 4 pages including those from the Kaibab, Redwall and Naco Formations. Color photos are a good compliment to those black and white and sometimes poorly reproduced photos in the type references.




I wish more institutions would put their fossils, especially the type specimens, on the internet to use for free.


See color pictures of Pennsylvanian Naco sponges from the Museum of Northern Arizona next to the black and white photos from the internet.


Dilliard, Kelly & Rigby, J.K.. (2001). The new demosponges, Chaunactis olsoni and Haplistion nacoense, and associated sponges from the Pennsylvanian Naco Formation, Central Arizona. Brigham Young University Geology Studies. 46. 1-11.  https://geology.byu.edu/0000017d-0fdd-d6bc-a9fd-fffdc35d0001/geo-stud-vol-46-dilliard-rigby-pdf


Chaunactis olsoni:





Haplistion nacoensis:




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