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help with irish fossil ID

Brian James Maguire

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Brian James Maguire

hi guys need your help with a few fossil IDs please

thumbnail_IMG_9533 fos1.jpg

thumbnail_image0 (3)fos2.jpg


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EDIT: In the light of further posts such as this one from Brian, it's become clear that these are actually cephalopods. The wobbly shape on the first photo is deceptive!



 I think these are both longitudinal sections through lower Carboniferous solitary rugose corals, some genera of which have horizontal tabulae across the middle like :

Perhaps caniniids - here's a CaniniaIMG_0618.thumb.jpeg.0e023ff15f66186353f621b000186665.jpeg


Transverse section - you're likely to some like this in the same area:


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Brian James Maguire

thanks so much for the reply and information, very helpful thanks

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