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Tooth found at Holden

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I know this tooth is not a fossil. I found it at Holden beach. I have shared it on every reddit and facebook forum and page I could. I have been unable to receive any definitive answers. I've had people say it's everything from a dog tooth to a fox, bear, to a sperm whale. If this is not appropriate to share because its not a fossil. I apologize. Please let me know and I'll take it down. I know there are a tremendous amount of well educated and  experienced people on here. So my hopes were this would be a great place for a possible id. Thanks so much.20230824_171746.thumb.jpg.4c23439eb84abf88e8bd4446a43bfc55.jpg20230824_171737.thumb.jpg.0210ca773da8138de887a5d43fb88058.jpg

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I'm going to guess...a Fox canine tooth. Our family has vacationed annually over the last 15 plus years at Holden Beach including this past June. Before that Southport and Oak Island.

I have seen a dozen or so red foxes roaming the dunes in front of the houses we've rented. One year we had a den in front of our beach house and saw them daily. Usually at dusk. Nice find!

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