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DSCF2363.thumb.JPG.edf3b6d0bbd50497c7642324b4bce2fe.JPGDSCF2362.thumb.JPG.449b6a437926aea564250cdf6981c9d2.JPGI found this in central Alaska along the Yukon River last night. it was in a place that had flooded, and the high water and rapid river has washed out 50-100 feet of the riverbank. i have found many other bones in this area the past month. can anyone ID? how old could it be?


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Hi again.

although my last attempt to ID your finds failed, I´ll give it another try. Teeth are good for ID (in contrast to mandible shape, as I learned).

So I am quite confident to say this the right part of a big Cervids lower jaw, moose is my best guess.

For me, that would be the find of the year, In your neck of the woods I understand its last saturdays picknick.




Best Regards,


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Moose is a good guess. I also wouldn’t rule out caribou.

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