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Guanshan biota unknowns: Vetulicolia?

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Can someone shed some insight into what these could be? They are from the Guanshan biota (Cambrian Wulongqing Formation, Yunnan, China).


1. ~8cm. This is clearly a Vetulicolian of some sort, but I don't think it's specifically the genus Vetulicola. It has a leaf-like "tail" (posterior body) and a narrow, elongated "head" (anterior body), and the anterior border appears to be a blunt, possibly circular opening. The way the tail attaches almost directly behind the head is similar to Xidazoon, Didazoon, Pomatrum. But it doesn't quite match other specimens I find online.





2. 5-6cm. My first thoughts were a Vetulicolian "head", but if the tail was lost I see no sign of previous attachment. It has a smooth, unbroken border all-around.


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