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Vegatable, animal or mineral?

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Hello all. New user from central Maine. I found what I believe to be a fossil in the stream in my back yard. I used an app to identify the rock as limestone. Limestone is not native to my area, but there is a source in nothern Maine about 250km away. If it is limestone I would guess it was deposited during the last glaciation of the Laurentide ice sheet. It looks like a plant to me, a whole leaf maybe. The raised " stems" are hollow and there is the round ball ont the end. This round ball has two holes which is why i thought maybe a worm. These holes are tiny and symetrical, but only able to observe them with a jewelers loop. Thanks for any info. 







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I think it's a geological formation, I'm sorry to say. Apps are not yet reliable at IDing fossils. What I see is a sedimentary or metamorphic rock that was fractured, filled with a relatively hard mineral, such as quartz, and then subject to erosion, leaving the harder mineral veins poking out.

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The closer you get to the western mountains the more metamorphism you find. This look is common in the Carrabassett area, but I've seen it all over the state.

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