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Can you help me identify what this fibula is?


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Dear paleofriends


I found bone material in a cave in the Yucatan. Its age is estimated at the Late Pleistocene/Early Holocene boundary. I know it's a fibula, its length 37 cm. Could you help me identify?




Kind regards

fibula 5.jpg

fibula 1.jpg

fibula 2.jpg

fibula 3.jpg

fibula 4.jpg

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a tarsometatarsus of a long legged bird.  The three-pulleyed end is diagnostic and based on that it should be identifiable... by someone who know bird bones very well. 

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Excellent, I agree with what you say. I just saw that this was a tarsometatarsus. Thanks for your answer

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17 hours ago, DPS Ammonite said:


This is probably the best bet.

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