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Is it possible to get into the St. Clair Formation as an organized school group

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To start, I’m aware that the St Clair PA area owned by Reading Anthracite that contains the white ferns is closed for collecting in any general sense. However I have seen posts in the past and discussion that they allow organizations, often with a university, to collect. I just wanted to make a post to see if anyone is aware of this being the case, and the best way to go about reaching out if so. 

I am a member of the AIPG chapter at WSU in Detroit, and the officers of our group reached out to me to help organize a fossil collecting trip, and I thought it was worth consideration due to our position. 

And as a side piece if anyone has any other recommendations for spots or quarries to go to or reach out to as a medium-large group that’s doable in a day to 2-day trip out of Detroit I’d happily take those as well. I have a handful of other spots in mind but I’m sure there’s plenty more. 

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You would have to contact Reading Anthracite to be sure, and to secure permission.

Things can change on a daily basis, and it is best to secure permission before hand.


Reading Anthracite Sales & General Inquiries -1-800-654-7792  1-570-622-5150

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Might be a little late, but the last I heard (which was a few years ago pre-Covid) Reading Anthracite did allow for at least local school and club groups to visit the site. There's a possibility that's changed post-Covid, however. Another thing to consider is they might want a few weeks of heads up.


If you're interested in plant sites there's a lot of sites closer to Detroit than St. Clair, which seems a little far for a day trip. If you definitely plan on going to St. Clair, however, I'd also look into some other places on the way over and make it a two or three day trip. Depending on how large your group is Swatara and Beltzville State Parks in PA might be worth looking into for Devonian marine fossils, and there are other exposures of Lewellyn Formation rocks around the Anthracite Region that are accessible. 

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