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Possible fossil found at the beach

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Hi, I am new to this forum. I have a degree in biology and a degree in art. I specialized in zoology and my final project was about cephalopod evolution. I am an oil painter, scientific illustrator, and calligrapher. I have limited experience with fossils. I have actually never posted on any forum before, so apologies if I am not doing something correctly.


I recently found this odd formation in a rock at the beach. I am not sure what it is. 

Has anyone seen something like this before?




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DPS Ammonite

Welcome to the Forum. Tell us about the rock and where you found it. Can you scratch it with a metal blade? Does it fizz in acid?


A wild guess would be a bivalve in diatomite from the Miocene Monterey Group because it is a commonly found white rock layer found along coastal California.


Use the map of California geology:


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Thank you.

I found it in Goleta at the beach mixed in with many other rocks.

a metal blade easily scratches it.

vinegar reacts mildly (bubbles).


Yes, according to the map it is Miocene, marine sedimentary.

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I ended up having to use a different map (attached).

Goleta Geo Map .pdf

It was very difficult to pinpoint the location. The map does not seem accurate when compared to google earth.

However. I am fairly certain I figured it out: I think it is "Tmm."


Here is a screen shot of the description from  the PDF:





If not "Tmm" then it is probably "Qls", but more likely the former.

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