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Additional finds in central Oklahoma creek

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I posted previously on a tooth found on a creek gravel bar in central Oklahoma that may be bison or cow. I did some additional looking around in the same area of the creek and downstream about a hundred yards and found the specimens in the attached photos. For reference I am also including a picture that shows where the horn and skull fragment were found (bottom of embankment, indicated by red arrow). I also found a rib bone piece here but am not including any pictures of that one as it was a pretty small piece. The tooth was found in a gravel bar in the stream at the same location. The humerus (pretty sure that is a humerus?) was found mostly buried in stream mud about 50 feet downstream on the same side of the creek.


I would be happy if anyone has any thoughts on what these bones originally belonged to. Sorry for the standard tape measure, I don't have a metric ruler at home. Thanks in advance for any ideas!














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These are Bison.

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