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Today I decided to try my luck at Hoppin Hill. It was a bit too sunny, but otherwise good weather. The fossils mostly found are the small shelly fossils. I spent a good first hour and a half wasting my time on the extremely sparsely fossiliferous basal quartzite and grey argillite, on the west side of the inlet of the reservoir. I found a couple of ichnofossils, but not anything else.IMG_0424.thumb.jpeg.0d23e6904a524a1595734439a701071b.jpeg

With little luck and half an hour left, I found the red slates on the east side of the exposure. The following are my meagre finds.

Conotheca mammilata(?)IMG_0423.thumb.jpeg.27d78de601ff2b441b63c645618fa7e3.jpeg

Some extremely fragmentary trilobite bits.IMG_0425.thumb.jpeg.6746e2619c967bd988a76e5ac3a2b48c.jpeg

And lastly, a partial cranidium of Strenuella strenua.IMG_0422.thumb.jpeg.a3f9c8a6f8e231b5b5d9656f9c65f5f0.jpeg

I will hopefully find some better stuff now that I know where the good outcrops are.

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I'm glad you found great specimens. I read about small insect tracks and fossils that were at the reservoir in the red shale but very few people had found them in the recent years. Congratulations. Looking forward to any future hunting trips you go on.

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