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Mammal from mainland South East Asia would like to trade

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Hi everyone!


I am a fossil collector base in SEA and looking for some mammals and other stuff that I haven't have before. Here is my list below for mammals and fossil that i'm looking for some fossil:

+ otter tooth from USA

+ pronghorn tooth fossil from USA

+ some bird bone from Pleistocene USA which can ID

+ turtle piece from Pleistocene USA which can ID

+ coyote tooth from USA

+ Holmesia septentrionalis scute from USA

+ GLytotherium scute from USA

+ other stuff micro pleistocene fossil (fish, rat,...)


I am looking for other invertebrate if I don't have especially Pleistocene age is belong to my study. I can trade or if it not enough I can send you more money.

Here is the list of fossil I can trade to you

+ Bat fossil (Chiroptera)

+ Macaque fossil

+ Leaf monkey fossil (those monkey just found in my region)

+ Wild boar fossil

+ Deer tooth (sambar deer)

+ Wild dog fossil (Cuon sp.)

+ porcupine (Hystrix brachyura)

+ bamboo rat

+ rat fossil


Here is a example of a piece that I willing to trade. A matrix of cave deposits which including leaf monkey canine and bone of some animal, for other please drop me a mail so I can send you photo easily.





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Opabinia Blues



I have a lot of the material you’re looking for, specifically the Holmesina and glyptodont scutes as well as a fossil pronghorn tooth I might trade for something interesting. I’m interested in bat and primate material. Would you PM me?

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