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Ceratopsian beak?


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Found in hill county Montana yesterday.  I believe it’s a lower ceratopsian beak, but I just wanted to make sure (and don’t feel bad telling me if it’s not).  It was on a hill surrounded by literally hundreds of pieces of frill.  I hope it’s a beak.  I’ve always wanted to find a horn, but up in the JRF where we look they’re always in ten thousand pieces- a beak would probably make me just as happy :) 
thanks for any help. 
-if it is a beak would this size make it a juvenile or are ceratopsian just smaller in the JRF?

the other pic was one of the pieces of frill that looked a lot like a peripheral part of the frill - don’t know what it’s called.  Thoughts?










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It look's like it is the right shape I don't know for sure

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Could it be that they're both eppocipitals, frill ornaments? The first one could be of an adult which are longer and flattened. And the second one of a juvenile, which are smaller and pointy (with the tip broken off). Not sure though, I'm sure other people here are more knowledgeable. 

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