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Recently I received from my girlfriend a supposed Acanthoceras Ammonite.

We both would love to know if it's faked in some way or real. 


We are already very grateful.



20230911_220742.jpg  20230911_220747.jpg



20230911_220759.jpg  20230911_220818.jpg

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I Cant speak to the species, but I think this looks like a real ammonite.  The problem with it, is that it a steinkern (and mold fossil) and a lot of the ridges looks like they have been carved (or at least enhanced) by hand.


Its a problem I have with the ammonites from my site.  They are steinkerns also, and even though the outer whirls generally come out clean, the inner whirls very rarely do.  So your option is the leave it filled, prep it out rough, or sculpt it how it would have looked.

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Tidgy's Dad

Yes, it's standard Moroccan prep for many of these larger ammonites. 

The inner whorls are carved out and the outer ones are often "tidied up" a little enthusiastically. 

They are more marketable like this. 

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