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Giant tortoise?

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I’m fairly confident that this is a large piece of giant tortoise plastron. It measures about 16 inches at the greatest length. Found in SE Texas. I’d love confirmation. Also, what part of the plastron? It looks like there’s an area where a limb would have been…@johnnyvaldez7.jv how’d you miss this? I found it on your turf, lol




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No sure it's bone. You must clean it. If it's bone I don't think it's a part of plastron. It's too curved

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@garyc Man... gotta check those claymore trip wires out and see if they're still functional. Haha. Actually man there's plenty of river for the both of us. That's a cool find. Huge piece! I just hunt the same spot over and over and over again. Haven't ventured from it. The river drops I find things. It comes up and recedes and makes a nice deposit up on the banks. So sometimes it's just a waiting game. I only get 1 day off a week and get out of work late most days so I make it out there when I can.  It's been good to me cause in half an hour I can find a ton.  I tried to take my girlfriend's son and his friend out this past weekend on the kayak... while I searched they stayed under a shade tree.  Think I'm better off alone out there. Rain is around... wish it were enough to give me a good river rise to move things around. 

I think it's turtle. In the 2nd picture next to the red 1 ft marker... it looks similar to the smaller pieces discussed in one of my past post about the interior of the bones. 

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I’ll try to clean it up some more and post more pics

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