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Fossil Hunting in Vancover, Canada

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Hello! I live in Vancover, Canada and I have no expierence in fossil hunting and has not found ANY fossil in my life. Maybe since almost ALL of you has found AT LEAST 1 fossil, maybe can you help me on fossil hunting location at Vancover? Thank you!:trex::fernfoss::trilo::meg::bone_claw:

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Your best bet may be to join a paleontologic/rock hounding club.  You may get access to other areas that solitary fossil hunters do not get access to.

Also, you will meet like minded people, and maybe make some new friends or hunting buddies.


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While I admire your enthusiasm and desire to start fossil collecting, you will likely not get too many direct responses.  Many of us have spent a lot of time searching for viable hunting locations. It’s not as easy as one might think and sometimes can take months of research and dozens of non productive trips just to find the one layer in a particular formation you’ve been searching for. It’s hard to give up such a hard earned reward to a stranger on the internet. 

That being said, I would encourage you to hang around here on The Fossil Forum. I learned more from the TFF community in a year than I would have in 10 on my own. You will be finding your own spots in no time! Besides, if you hang around and become an active member, you might just find that people are more willing to divulge information about hunting locations. You might even get invited along to hunt with other members. ;) 

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