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Unknown fossil from the Vectis formation of Yaverland - Isle of Wight


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I just came back from my first dream trip to the Isle of Wight. I found a lot of beautiful fossils, including an Iguanodon vertebra from Brook Bay, a lot of small teeth, bones from the Vectis and Wealden formation of Yaverland etc. I will post everything in a few days when I'm done preparing them.


In the meanwhile, I stumbled upon this in some matrix from the Vectis formation at Yaverland. It is in 3D and approximately 1 cm / 0.4 inch in length.


Would anyone be familiar with the Vectis formation and have an idea of what this could be?


Thank you!





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Hello, here are some pictures.


I still have no clue on what this might be... I don't want to keep digging around it and risk damaging it.



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sorry, the only thing I can say is that this appears somehow toothlike to me, but thats just a gut feeling and probably wrong.

Best regards,


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Mark Kmiecik

I get an arthropod vibe from it, but I'm probably wrong.

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Bobby Rico

I get a crabby vibe from it, but I’m probably wrong too.

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In this state it doesn't look like anything I'd recognize. Sorry!


Maybe either @Notidanodon or @Haravex would have a suggestion? They're more familiar with hunting the formation...

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