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Theropod jaw? Hell Creek

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Hello, I saw this small jaw section with tooth section for sale. It measures a little over two inches, and comes from the hell creek formation. I wanted to ask if it’s from a theropod as the seller claims. The tooth socket isn’t as round as you would expect in a crocodile jaw. But they are still pretty small so I just wanted to make sure it’s not from something else like a different reptile. Thanks for any help.







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Looks odd have they provided a locality where this came from?  Think its from the same animal, colors different because pieces were subjected to different weathering exposures.  Dont believe they put it together properly just usued pieces they had.

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@TyBoy north of baker. And regarding the specimen, I had the same thoughts, the pieces look they are from the same animal, but are put together wrong. I’m Not sure how much Is put together wrong though.


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