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Carboniferous Welsh coal field teeth and lots more if I’m right


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Hello everyone!


if I could first stress I have been wrong about a lot of suspected finds so I’m hoping I’m not seeing things in the rock again!!


I found these in a rubbish pile in work and assumed they could be coalfield fossils. If I’m wrong I apologise for wasting your time.

There are a of these to get through If my suspicions are correct but I’ll start with 3 to see if im on the right track and refer to them as A,B, and C.

I was told vertebrate fossils from the Carboniferous time period are rare so I wanted to make sure I haven’t got something that needs a more professional hand as some of them are very fragile and require stabilising and some TLC. I would also take any advice going please. Thank you so much in advance for any and all advice and opinions.


subject A first 6 pics

i believe to be a sharks tooth in a jaw

(X2 I won’t insult you by hazarding a guess as to what species)


subject B the next 6 pics 

i believe to be some form of icthyosaur tooth and there are loads more but just included 1 for now.


subject c

I believe to be part of an icthyosaur jaw.


I am sorry if Ive wasted anyone’s time in the past and again if I have now but if vertebrate coal field fossils are important It’s worth the risk. There are around 2 bin bags full so I will happily make a donation  if anyone is interested.

let me know what you think please and I’l catalogue the lot after treating them. There are some larger pieces too which look very much like a skull.

As I said I need help with them if they are fossils, and what to do about reporting them if required. hopefully they are not convenient water marks 

All the best


































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All I'm seeing is rock, unfortunately, suggestively shaped rock... and FYI, Ichthyosaurs did not live in the Carboniferous. 

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Tidgy's Dad

I think these are the shales that lie between coal seams. 

They can contain fossils, but I can't see any in your photos, just some mineral staining. 


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Thanks very much for the replies

I have got a lot more to show but

Just to clarify are you saying that the reason these rocks have broken out of lumps into very toothy looking shapes is purely coincidental and has nothing to do with fossils? Or is it to do with pseudo morphology or something else im unaware of please?


these are a few more from the same lump 


I’m very confused because they look like phytosaur vertebrae and much like icthyosaur, I didn’t think they were around either.


Thanks anyway and sorry for the time wasting……….these are just very strange looking rocks 









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2 hours ago, Ihopeitsnotarock said:


Just to clarify are you saying that the reason these rocks have broken out of lumps into very toothy looking shapes is purely coincidental and has nothing to do with fossils?

Correct. That material frequently fractures into sharp fragments like your “shark teeth”. @Tidgy's Dad is absolutely correct in his comment. But I do see some fracture lines where you could carefully split them more and see if something may be hiding inside…

And it’s not time wasting. It’s better to ask and be sure then to toss something good!

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11 hours ago, Ihopeitsnotarock said:




This may be either an impression of wood or the cast of a branch? The rest of your specimens look like rocks and not fossils but this one may be a wood fossil. And yes, phytosaurs also did not live during the Carboniferous period.

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That’s excellent thank you very much for responding!!


I have another 2 items if you wouldn’t mind taking a quick look for me, then I promise I’ll give up. I have yet to clean either up but I’m really not sure the best way to do so??? Any tips would be greatly appreciated 


I followed Tidgeys dads great advice and split one of the pieces open………even if it is a rock I’m keeping this as it looks amazing!


I am really keen on getting to grips with identification as I’m really struggling at the moment so again sorry for all the pics and questions, I’d just hate to miss something thanks again! 

I'm also very socially and technologically useless so if I should have started a new thread or private messaged im very sorry please correct me.









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