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Kansas Trilobite?


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I think I finally did it. I think I may have found a Kansas trilobite.. by accident. We tried a few spots I'd found and just found a few things but my wife directed me to a closed road with significant road cuts. While it was getting dark and we could barely see I grabbed a few things using my phones light (need to get a proper flash light/lantern for next time). Back at home, looking at a larger piece I had mainly grabbed because of it's impressive limestone weathering, I discovered the below pygidia admixed with bryozoan fragments.


I additionally think I found my first kansas crinoid spines and calyx fragment yesterday in a Pennsylvanian deposit (yes, I am jealous of you guys with intact crinoids).


Could this be Ameura or Ditomopyge? Around 1 cm across.



I know these probably aren't identifiable but these are my first (tens of thousands of crinoid stem segments and these are my first spines/caylix, no arm segments yet).






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Tidgy's Dad

Nice finds! :)

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I have found a trilobite pygidia there to mine looks like that.

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