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These are both from the Aguja Formation of Texas.  Just would like to confirm the ID supplied by the seller.  Thanks in advance for the help.


Ankylosaur foot claw, ungual  3.1"




Hadrosaur,  Kritosaurus Toe bone 13"



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Ankylosaur material is very rare and unguals from the Aguja Formation would be cool.   In my opinion what you are looking at is an worn indeterminate hadrosaur ungual which are much more common.  Anky unguals are a bit more rugose, with a fatter distal end.  The ones I've seen from other localities are also more box shaped.   Unfortunately we have no publication that I'm aware of on this type of material from Texas.  I could be wrong but not a lot of comparative material around.


The other bone is not exactly a toe bone but a metatarsal from an indeterminate hadrosaur.  Nice one and a great addition to any collection.  Could it be Kritosaurus indet. yes but I hesitate to assign it to that genus since other types of hadrosaurs are most likely in those deposits.   All you have to do is look at other Campanian deposits and you see multiple species so there is no reason say this one is any different.   Sankey's 2001 paper for example mentions an unidentified lambeosaurine was found along with K. cf. navajovius but states that Kritosaurus is the most common.  In addition any identifiable Kritosaurus material is best described as K cf. navajovius or K. indet. since its yet to be described from the Aguja fm.

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